India – A deliverance: On pregnancy termination bill

A deliverance: On pregnancy termination bill

January 31, 2020

Extending the period of medical termination of pregnancy to 24 weeks is a boon for many

The borders of viability of a particular process are often only as restrictive as the technology on which it rides. In some cases, as science advances, the elastic borders of viability will weave out to accommodate much more than they did in the past. The Centre’s move to extend the limit of medical termination of pregnancy to 24 weeks is a sagacious recognition of this, and needs to be feted. The extension is significant, the government reasoned, because in the first five months of pregnancy, some women realise the need for an abortion very late. Usually, the foetal anomaly scan is done during the 20th-21st week of pregnancy. If there is a delay in doing this scan, and it reveals a lethal anomaly in the foetus, 20 weeks is limiting. Obstetricians argue that this has also spurred a cottage industry of places providing unsafe abortion services, even leading, in the worst of cases, to the death of the mother.


India – Cabinet okays bill to raise upper limit for abortions to 24 weeks

Cabinet okays bill to raise upper limit for abortions to 24 weeks

29 Jan 2020
Neetu Chandra Sharma

The Union cabinet on Wednesday approved a bill that proposes to permit the termination of pregnancy up to 24 weeks from the existing 20 weeks. The bill will be introduced in the ensuing budget session of Parliament.

The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill, 2020 aims to expand access of women to safe and legal abortion services on therapeutic, eugenic, humanitarian or social grounds. The proposed amendments include substitution of certain sub-sections and insertion of certain new clauses under some sections in the existing Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, with a view to increase the upper gestation limit for termination of pregnancy under certain conditions and to strengthen access to comprehensive abortion care, under strict conditions, without compromising service and quality of safe abortion.


Potential abortion shake-up could see terminations performed in Scotland up to 24 weeks

Jan 3, 2017
Helen McArdle, Health Correspondent / @HMcardleHT
Herald Scotland

WOMEN who are up to 24 weeks pregnant could undergo an abortion on the NHS in Scotland for the first time following a push to make late-stage terminations available.

Currently, women in Scotland who want a termination beyond 18-20 weeks for non-medical reasons, such as a delay in realising they are pregnant or due to a change in life circumstances, must travel to England to receive the procedure, with NHS Scotland covering the cost of referrals.

Although abortion is legal up to 24 weeks, so-called late-stage abortions are only carried out on the NHS in Scotland if they are required for urgent medical reasons such as the pregnancy putting the mother's life at risk or the baby suffering a fatal condition.

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Source: Herald Scotland