They helped their friend get an abortion. Now a bitter ex-husband is suing them

Marcus Silva’s lawsuit is a metaphor for the creepy, stupid and cruel nature of the anti-choice movement

Moira Donegan
Sat 15 Apr 2023

It wasn’t initially clear how Marcus Silva, a Texas man, even knew about his ex-wife’s abortion. Last month, just weeks after the divorce his wife had filed for was finalized, Silva filed a “wrongful death” lawsuit against three of her closest friends, seeking $1m from each. He claims that the women helped his wife obtain abortion medication in July 2022 – two months after she had filed for divorce from him, and just a few weeks after the Dobbs decision overturned Roe v Wade and states like Texas outlawed abortion. And Silva had text messages to prove it.


Anti-Abortion Extremism Fueling American Dystopia

Contraceptives banned. Miscarriages prosecuted. Pregnant people under surveillance. Is this the future Americans want?

July 30, 2022

It's January 2026. The Republican president thanks Congress for banning all abortions and makes an enthusiastic plea for a law that would require a national registry of pregnant women, so their pregnancies could be subject to surveillance.

Far-fetched? Not the way things are going. When it comes to extremism, Republican politicians are racing each other to the bottom.