Roe v. Wade is on the brink — and Canada could be pulled into U.S. brawls over abortion law

Experts compare it to the Dred Scott period when free states openly defied federal law on fugitive slaves

Evan Dyer · CBC News
Posted: May 04, 2022

Drafts can change, but it's likely U.S. Supreme Court justices will stand by their decisions on the basic question of whether Roe v. Wade stands or falls. Canada could be dragged into the turmoil over American abortion law in a number of ways.

It will pit states against states and laws against laws in a way not
seen since the Civil War era, said Rachel Rebouché, acting dean of the Beasley
Law School at Philadelphia's Temple University.


USA – Christian rightwing figures warn abortion fight could lead to civil war

Christian rightwing figures warn abortion fight could lead to civil war
Wave of extreme bans appears to have amped up predictions by magazines and politicians that abortion is cause of coming conflict

Jason Wilson
Sun 26 May 2019

Prominent figures on the Christian right in the US ranging from religious magazines to authors to elected politicians have warned that the fight over abortion rights could lead to a new civil war.

Though such dire predictions are not necessarily new on the extreme right wing in the US, the passing of a wave of hardline anti-abortion laws in numerous states this year appears to have amped up the conspiracy-minded predictions that depict abortion squarely as a root cause of a coming conflict.