DUP will ‘vigorously oppose’ any new abortion laws in North

UK government says it is disappointed full abortion services not yet available

Fri, Mar 19, 2021

The DUP will “vigorously oppose” any further legislative action to see new abortion laws implemented in the region, an MP has warned.

The law was liberalised last year to allow terminations in Northern Ireland following action taken at Westminster.

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N. Ireland- DUP calls for its voice to be heard in Westminster abortion inquiry

DUP calls for its voice to be heard in Westminster abortion inquiry

Ellen Coyne, Senior Ireland Reporter
September 25 2018

The DUP has expressed reservations about a Westminster inquiry into Northern Ireland’s abortion ban, and appealed for all views to be represented.

The staunchly anti-abortion party, which is supporting the prime minister Theresa May’s Conservative minority government, has also claimed that some UK politicians have used the issue to try to embarrass the British government.

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Labour’s Watered-Down Abortion Pledge Could Actually Be Bad News For Northern Ireland

Labour's Watered-Down Abortion Pledge Could Actually Be Bad News For Northern Ireland

An update to the pledge to legislate to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland in a leaked draft version of Labour's manifesto suggests the party would be unable to change abortion law in the country.

Posted on May 16, 2017
Laura Silver
BuzzFeed News Reporter

Labour has effectively dropped plans to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland despite pledging to do so in a draft of its manifesto leaked last week.

An earlier version of the party's manifesto that was leaked last Thursday suggested the Labour party would aim to override the devolved government to "legislate to extend [abortion rights] to women in Northern Ireland".

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Women’s groups urge Scotland to scrap two doctors abortion rule

Devolution of abortion law to Holyrood offers opportunity to develop a distinct approach, campaigners say

by Libby Brooks, Scotland correspondent, The Guardian
Monday 12 December 2016

The Scottish government should scrap the legal requirement for two doctors to approve a termination, effectively decriminalising the procedure, and consider regulating abortion drugs for use by women in their own homes, according to a report by a coalition of women’s rights organisations.

With abortion law devolved to Holyrood as part of the Scotland Act 2016, the report argues that the SNP government must now “be bold in creating a distinctive approach” by removing it from criminal statute and regulating it like any other healthcare procedure.

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Source: The Guardian