USA – The long fight for reproductive rights is only getting harder

The long fight for reproductive rights is only getting harder

Book review, By Katha Pollitt
May 13, 2020

Fifteen-year-old Talia didn’t realize she was pregnant until well into her second trimester. Ending the pregnancy meant she had to get a judge’s approval. Neither parent could fulfill her state’s consent requirement because one was missing and the other was involved in her life only now and then. When she arranged a clinic visit 24 hours before the abortion, per the state law for minors, she wound up at a “fake women’s health center” next door to the real abortion clinic. The people there did everything they could to dissuade her from ending her pregnancy, including falsely telling her that they would do it later (past her state’s deadline), but Talia remained firm in her decision. Lacking health insurance that covered abortion, she had to come up with $4,000 for the procedure.


India – Safe And Legal Abortion: Conceive Choice, Terminate Myths

Safe And Legal Abortion: Conceive Choice, Terminate Myths
The YP Foundation in Health and Life, Sexual Health, Staff Picks

Sept 10, 2019
By Souvik Pyne

Abortion is a word that holds the massive weight of social pressure. Many people also believe that abortion in India is illegal. However, under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 (MTP), abortion services can be availed. But despite their being a law in place, it hasn’t been easy for abortion-seekers to access safe and legal abortion services due to the taboo around it.

Safe abortion to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is an important reproductive health need for individuals seeking it of all ages, educational levels, racial and ethnic groups, social and economic classes and religions. The need to make safe abortion services available has also been upheld in many international platforms and intergovernmental agreements on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).


India – Four Myths About Abortion That We Need To Stop Peddling

Four Myths About Abortion That We Need To Stop Peddling

By FII Team -
June 24, 2019

It’s high time we get rid of these pernicious myths about abortion that add to abortion stigma and make abortion harder to access for women and trans people seeking access to reproductive healthcare.

1. Abortions are dangerous.
Let’s put to rest the myth that abortions are a dangerous procedure. Abortions, when conducted by legitimate and registered medical professionals, are a very safe procedure with minimal risks.


USA – Let’s Talk About My Abortion (and Yours)

Let’s Talk About My Abortion (and Yours)

By Cindi Leive
Ms. Leive is a former editor in chief of Glamour and Self.
June 30, 2018

Several months ago, I appeared on a morning TV show alongside Cecile Richards, then the president of Planned Parenthood. Our topic had been women’s activism, and we’d both spoken in equal amounts. But when I checked Twitter later, the violent insults were flying only at Ms. Richards, with commenters calling her a “baby butcher” and “this puke bitch” for her support of abortion rights. None took aim at me — and as I read the stream, I felt more cowardly than I can ever remember, as if I were crouched in a foxhole while Ms. Richards took fire for the rest of us.

Why was I letting her take the heat? After all, I’d had an abortion myself.