Opinion – Abortion on demand in Namibia

Staff Reporter

‘Abortion on demand’ in Namibia has been ignorantly and harmfully connotated as the moral decay of a nation in that individuals who seek this essential health service (on demand), do so because they are irreligious, reckless and uncouth and not because it is a fundamental right and is just another normal reproductive healthcare procedure, which many people overlook with gay abandon. Some have gone as far as calling it premeditated murder, whilst others accuse individuals who seek this health care service of casting a ‘curse’ on the nation (using biblical overtones), as if choosing to terminate a pregnancy at one’s own volition will suddenly compromise the image of Namibia to all the many deities supposedly keeping score on the nation’s puritanical history.

The history of the current ‘Abortion and Sterilization Act No.2 of 1975’ cannot
be understated, as it has already been established that this restrictive law
was inherited 47 years ago from the apartheid administration which had
colonised Namibia.

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Hidalgo becomes third Mexican state to allow abortion

June 30, 2021
Daina Beth Solomon

MEXICO CITY, June 30 (Reuters) - Lawmakers in Mexico's Hidalgo state on Wednesday voted to lift the penalties for elective abortion, making Hidalgo the third state in the largely Roman Catholic country to let women choose to end their pregnancies.

The initiative passed with 16 votes in favor and one abstention with 28 lawmakers present, Hidalgo's congress said on Twitter.

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Gibraltar reform is a small – but important – step for abortion rights in Europe

June 29, 2021
Sydney Calkin

Gibraltar has voted to change the territory’s strict abortion ban, which held that abortion was punishable by “imprisonment for life” for the pregnant person and anyone who helped them get an abortion.

Just over half of Gibraltar’s 23,343 eligible voters took part in the referendum on June 24, with 62% voting in favour of reforms to make abortion legally available. The success of the referendum will mean important changes for people in Gibraltar who urgently need access to safe, legal and local abortion.

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Poland – Women’s movement prepares abortion bill

FEBRUARY 03, 2021
First News

The leader of Women’s Strike, the organisation that has spearheaded mass abortion protests, has said that Poland faces a “nightmare moment” when a near-total ban on abortion “becomes a fact”.

Marta Lempart made the claim as she and the organisation presented the draft of a bill legalising abortion until the 12th week of pregnancy, which they plan to present to parliament.

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NI to offer unrestricted abortion up to 12 weeks

NI to offer unrestricted abortion up to 12 weeks

By Jayne McCormack, BBC News NI Political Reporter
25 March 2020

Abortions in Northern Ireland can take place in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy "without conditionality", under new laws soon to be in force.

Terminations will be permitted beyond 12 weeks in a number of other circumstances, with no time limit in cases of a fatal foetal abnormality.

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Fewer Israeli women having abortions

Fewer Israeli women having abortions
Israeli statistics bureau says rate of abortions continues to fall, less than half abortion rate 30 years ago.

David Rosenberg

The percentage of pregnancies being terminated by abortions continues to fall in Israel, according to data gathered by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics.

According to the CBS data, nearly all requests for approval of abortions are accepted by the state abortion board, with 99.3% of requests being granted, compared to just 0.7% which were rejected.

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Iceland – Changes Proposed to Abortion Laws

Changes Proposed to Abortion Laws

By larissa kyzer
October 26, 2018

Health Minister Svandís Svavarsdóttir has decided to submit a bill to parliament which, if approved, would change the legal terms for abortion in Iceland. RÚV reports that the new bill would extend the time limits that are currently in place regarding abortion and allow women to have the procedure done up to the 22nd week of their pregnancy. The bill would also allow women to get abortions for any reason, rather than only under certain approved circumstances, as is currently the case.

Under current law, women are only permitted to have an abortion up to the 16th week of pregnancy if there are specifically approved health reasons or for ‘social reasons,’ such as if the pregnancy is the result of a rape. The existing law also allows for abortions after the 16th week if there is a threat to the woman’s health, or high likeliness that the fetus will be born with deformities or genetic or birth defects.

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Ireland – Voters will not be ‘fooled’ by Government in abortion campaign

Voters will not be ‘fooled’ by Government in abortion campaign
Anti-abortion rally told ‘vague’ health claims will lead to terminations beyond 12 weeks

Apr 7, 2018 Barry Roche

The Government is set to find out that the Irish people “cannot be fooled” into believing that repealing the Eighth Amendment will allow anything other than abortion on demand, an anti-abortion rally has heard in Cork.

Legal consultant to the Pro Life Campaign, Caroline Simons said Minister for Health Simon Harris was seeking to present the proposal to allow abortion up to 12 weeks in all cases as somehow being restrictive.

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Ireland: Abortion on request will follow shortly after repeal of amendment

Abortion on request will follow shortly after repeal of amendment
It’s hard to see how anyone can really believe 12 weeks is line in sand

Feb 6, 2018
Fr Chris Hayden

What will happen after the referendum on the Eighth Amendment? Will the issue be parcelled neatly away, so that those who see the result as a victory can rest easy, and those who see it as a defeat can arrive at a sad acceptance of the way things are? Far from it.

This is one issue that is not going away, irrespective of the outcome of the eventual referendum. Anyone who votes in the hope of finally laying the matter to rest will be disappointed.

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Ireland: Questions and Answers: Key abortion issues

Questions and Answers: Key abortion issues
A number of medical issues will arise if there is a policy of termination of pregnancy on request

Jan 30, 2018
Muiris Houston

As we move towards a date for a referendum on a repeal of the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution and the possible implementation of a policy of termination of pregnancy on request, a number of medical and health system issues will arise. They include the availability of prenatal ultrasound scans and the effect new regulations may have on pregnancies where there is a foetal chromosomal abnormality.

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