International coalition to support filing of a suit to stop South Korea’s shutdown of

March 11, 2022
Women on Web

On December 13, 2020, the Korea Communication Standards Commission (KCSC) issued a ruling to block South Korea’s access to, Women on Web’s website that provides information on women’s health, sexual and reproductive rights, medical abortion, and thereby helps women to obtain safe, timely and affordable abortion care, charging that the website facilitates sale of unprescribed drugs by non-pharmacists.

The ruling to block the website follows a similar ruling on that was issued on March 11, 2019. the undersigned organizations including Open Net, Women on Web International Foundation, Human Rights Watch are concerned that KCSC’s ruling blindly follows a request to KCSC by Korea’s Food and Drug Agency (KFDA) to block the site within Korea for distributing drugs in ways unapproved, without an independent professional analysis based on communications governance and excessively restricts women’s access to knowledge.


Alberta dispenses fewer prescriptions for abortion pills than neighbouring provinces, data shows

Globe & Mail
Mar 1, 2022

Alberta dispenses the lowest number of prescriptions for medical abortion compared to neighbouring provinces, according to government data, prompting concerns among physicians and advocates who say the statistics underscore a lack of access for people in rural communities.

Doctors say the data may reflect an unwillingness among some health care professionals to prescribe the drug in a rural population whose access to legal surgical abortion itself is already limited.


Netherlands – Abortion pills to be made available through family doctors

February 9, 2022

Family doctors could be allowed to prescribe abortion pills directly if parliament passes a bill submitted by centre-left parties PvdA and GroenLinks.

The liberal coalition parties VVD and D66 are also supporting the proposed change, which is designed to lower the threshold for women who want to end unwanted pregnancies. A majority of MPs are expected to back the bill, NOS reported.


Rampant illegal sale of abortion pills across Maharashtra

Maharashtra FDA inspected 384 medical shops for violation till August first week. A total of 14 cases have been registered and 11 people were arrested.

By Rupsa Chakraborty, Mumbai
AUG 21, 2021

Last month, a sari-clad 43-year-old woman from Wagholi, Pune, stood at a local smedical store waiting for the queue to thin out. When it did, she asked an employee of the store for an abortion pill adding that she needed it urgently. At first, the employee refused her request, but on her insistence, he asked her to wait since he had to source it from his friend.

“He said he was not a supplier. He, however, considered my request and asked me to come after half an hour,” said the woman.


USA – This Abortion Drug Is Safe And Effective. Why Can’t You Buy It In A Pharmacy?

This Abortion Drug Is Safe And Effective. Why Can’t You Buy It In A Pharmacy?
A groundbreaking study is underway that could change how U.S. patients access abortion.

By Molly Redden, HuffPost US
July 18, 2019

A first-of-its-kind study underway in California and Washington state could pave the way for the Food and Drug Administration to make mifepristone, the most widely used abortion drug in the United States, available at pharmacies.

Today, mifepristone is only available at abortion clinics, doctor’s offices or hospitals, from providers who register with the drug’s manufacturer. The FDA imposes special rules on mifepristone that prevent it — unlike most medications — from being stocked and sold in a pharmacy.

USA – The prescription abortion pill we could have, but don’t

The prescription abortion pill we could have, but don’t
Mifeprestone is offered directly to patients in places like Canada and Australia, but not in the U.S.

Zoë Beery

When a patient asks Dr. Graham Chelius for an early-term abortion, all he can do is tell them to buy a plane ticket.

Chelius is a family medicine doctor at a hospital on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i, where there are no surgical abortion providers. His best option is to instead write patients a prescription for what is called a medication abortion: using two drugs – mifepristone and misoprostol – over the course of two or three days, the patient would end their pregnancy themselves. Save for a routine follow-up two weeks later, they wouldn’t need to see Chelius again.

But if he wrote that prescription, his patients wouldn’t be able to fill it. Mifeprex, the American brand name for mifepristone, is one of a handful of drugs that the FDA says is too dangerous for retail pharmacies. It can only be dispensed at pre-approved clinics, hospitals, and private practices, and the hospital where Chelius works doesn’t stock it. The process for approval is so onerous that nowhere on Kaua’i does.


Australia – Greens put forward bill to allow abortion drugs by prescription in Canberra

Greens put forward bill to allow abortion drugs by prescription in Canberra
Katie Burgess
March 19 2018

The ACT Greens will move to make abortions more accessible and affordable, with a bill to make it legal for doctors to prescribe RU486 in the territory.

Abortions have been legal and regulated in the ACT since 2002, however only a registered medical practitioner can carry out the procedure in an approved facility.


Mumbai: No prescription required, abortion pills at doorstep

Mumbai: No prescription required, abortion pills at doorstep
By Rupsa Chakraborty | Mumbai | Posted 02-Jun-2017

With this line, online agencies hawk pregnancy termination pills, often to women unaware of the danger of using medication without expert help. mid-day puts itself out there as a desperate customer

An unplanned pregnancy can be terrifying, particularly for single, underage girls afraid of the backlash from their parents and society. This is the fear that online stores are exploiting, by offering abortion pills without prescriptions.

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U.S.: FDA urged to let abortion pill be sold at pharmacies

FDA urged to let abortion pill be sold at pharmacies

Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Associated Press

NEW YORK - The so-called abortion pill — now dispensed only in clinics, hospitals and doctors' offices — should be made available by prescription in pharmacies across the U.S., according to a group of doctors and public health experts urging an end to tough federal restrictions on the drug.

The appeal to the Food and Drug Administration came in a commentary published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine. Among the 10 co-authors were doctors and academics from Stanford, Princeton and Columbia universities, as well as leaders of major reproductive-health organizations.

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