Challenge of city’s abortion ads decision could have ‘ripple effect’ says abortion rights group

Three national organizations have been granted 'friends of the court' status for an upcoming court challenge

Apr 19, 2021
By: Richard Vivian, Guelph Today

Three national organizations have been granted “friends of the court” status for an upcoming court challenge of the city’s decision to pull three anti-abortion advertisements from buses in 2019 and 2020.

“We think this is an important case because, I think, Canadians have the right to be protected from false advertising, which is really what this case revolves around and whether cities have the right to refuse such advertising or whether they’d be compelled to subject the public to false and demeaning advertising,” said Joyce Arthur, executive director of the Vancouver-based Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC).


Canada doctors group breaks silence on “unproven” abortion ‘reversal’ treatment

openDemocracy’s investigation prompts Canada’s Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to speak out against this controversial ‘treatment’

Joni Hess, Annie Burns-Pieper

26 March 2021

Canada’s national society of obstetricians and gynaecologists has issued a
statement warning that so-called ‘abortion pill reversal’ treatment is
“unproven” and can also cause “serious complications” for patients.

The statement – the first by a Canadian medical association to address this
topic – was issued in response to findings from an openDemocracy investigation that
reveals how this controversial ‘treatment’ is spreading from the US around the


Canada – Oosterhoff’s extreme anti-choice views should be a ‘bridge too far’ in politics

Joyce Arthur,
March 25, 2021

Sam Oosterhoff should be expelled from Ontario Premier Doug Ford's caucus because he opposes key human rights.

Oosterhoff is an elected member of provincial parliament (Niagara West), serves in the Ontario Progressive Conservative government as parliamentary assistant for the minister of education, and is vocally "pro-life." You may have heard about his most recent media scandal -- speaking at an anti-choice event even though one of the organizing groups had compared abortion to the Holocaust.


Canada – My body, my business — abortion is a personal choice and right

Kathryn McIntee
March 17, 2021
Viewpoint: Reproductive Justice (Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada)

In August 2020, I was away up North when I suspected that I was pregnant again. My period was not late, but I experienced all the symptoms I felt in the past. I was alone when I took the pregnancy test that confirmed it. My partner was also in the North but in a place far more remote without any cell service. It was difficult not being able to share the unexpected news with him, but I knew I would see him in a week.

When I returned to the city, I decided to see a doctor to confirm the pregnancy and to request a referral for an ultrasound. I have been pregnant several times in the past, but many pregnancies ended due to an anembryonic pregnancy (also called a blighted ovum -- this occurs when an early embryo never develops or it stops developing; it is resorbed and leaves an empty gestational sac). An anembryonic pregnancy does not always result in a miscarriage, and so I have experienced both surgical and medical abortions to dispel the "products of conception that are contained in the uterus." I have also made a choice to end a pregnancy for personal reasons.

Canada – It’s hard enough to get an abortion in New Brunswick—closing Clinic 554 won’t help

by Tegwyn Hughes
Posted on August 17, 2020

This article is the first in a two-part series about Clinic 554 and health care in New Brunswick.

In the Greater Toronto Area, there are nine locations where someone can access abortion services. In the entire province of New Brunswick, there are only four.  Come September, that number could shrink to three, worsening the already poor access to abortion care in the province.

Clinic 554, New Brunswick’s only independent clinic that offers abortions—as well as family medicine, trans-inclusive care, and contraception counselling—is set to close permanently at the end of September. Advocates for the Fredericton, N.B. clinic, as well as former patients, are urging the provincial government to save it, but the Progressive Conservative leadership hasn’t budged.


Clinic 554 looking into class-action lawsuit over abortion access in New Brunswick

By Silas Brown, Global News
Posted August 11, 2020
(video at link)

A class-action lawsuit could be brought against the New Brunswick government for allegedly limiting abortion access in the province.

Dr. Adrian Edgar is the current owner of Clinic 554, the only clinic that performs out-of-hospital abortions in the province and one of the only providers of specialty LGBTQ2 care.



4 Women On What It Was Like Before Abortion Was Decriminalized In Canada

4 Women On What It Was Like Before Abortion Was Decriminalized In Canada
Yes, access has radically improved since 1988—but we can’t be complacent.

by Rachel Chen
Updated Jan 7, 2020

Abortion was decriminalized in Canada in 1988, after pro-choice advocate Dr. Henry Morgentaler successfully challenged the constitutionality of Canada’s abortion law. Three decades later, access to both medical and surgical abortion isn’t perfect—especially for women in rural areas—but it’s radically better than what it once was. Still, as we see threats to Roe v. Wade (the landmark case that gave Americans a right to abortion) growing next door in the United States, it is important to remember how we got where we are.

Here, four women share what it was like to be faced with an unwanted pregnancy prior to 1988—and why we can never go back to such restrictive access.


How PEI Became One Of The Most Accessible Places For Women’s Health Care In Canada

How PEI Became One Of The Most Accessible Places For Women’s Health Care In Canada
Within 10 months, PEI went from having no abortion services on the island to offering self-referral. What can the province teach the rest of the country?

by Emily Baron Cadloff
Updated Nov 20, 2019

When Courtney Cudmore learned she was pregnant in 2015, she knew immediately what she would do. At 31 years old, the Charlottetown restaurant worker was already a mother of two, and her then-fiancée had taken a job out of province. She was overwhelmed and scared, and she wanted desperately not to be pregnant. Cudmore saw a doctor at a walk-in clinic, who she says told her he had a religious objection to abortion. After she pleaded with him, he reluctantly gave her a prescription for a medical abortion. She tried several pharmacies before finding one that would fill it.

“There was no way I could bring another child into the equation. What was I going to do? How was I going to feed it? Clothe it? Find room for it?” she wrote at the time on Facebook.


Canada – Stop Bill 207: “Abandoning Patients Act” Is Unconstitutional and Dangerous

Stop Bill 207: “Abandoning Patients Act” Is Unconstitutional and Dangerous

November 12, 2019
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

ALBERTA – A bill introduced on Nov 7 in the Alberta legislature is blatantly unconstitutional because it legalizes discrimination against vulnerable groups on the basis of “conscience.”

Bill 207, misleadingly titled Conscience Rights (Health Care Providers) Protection Act, was introduced by MLA Dan Williams of Alberta’s ruling Uterus Control Party (UCP). The bill is more aptly named the Abandoning Patients Act because it is a license for medical negligence.

Under the bill, health care professionals would enjoy complete immunity for refusing to provide a health care service they disagree with for personal or religious reason (so-called “conscientious objection”). The bill removes existing patient protections, including their right to a referral, and their ability to have a complaint heard or to launch a lawsuit.


Canada – Clinic 554, Fredericton Abortion Clinic That Also Supports LGBTQ Patients, Set To Close

Clinic 554, Fredericton Abortion Clinic That Also Supports LGBTQ Patients, Set To Close
The clinic's director, along with Jagmeet Singh, want the federal government to intervene.

By Maija Kappler

New Brunswick’s only freestanding abortion clinic, which also provides health care to much of the province’s transgender population, is set to close.

Clinic 554 has previously relied on crowdsourced donations to stay open, and the staff sometimes forgoes payment from patients in order to provide services.

“We feel a tremendous amount of fear for our patients and the underserved communities we care for,” Clinic 554’s medical director, Dr. Adrian Edgar, said in an emotional statement posted to Facebook. “I thought I would be the family doctor for my patients until I or they died.”