Scottish Labour MSP withdraws invitation to US academic

Scottish Labour MSP withdraws invitation to US academic
Prof Priscilla Coleman authored highly criticised study into link between abortion and anxiety

Libby Brooks
Fri 23 Feb 2018

A Scottish Labour MSP has withdrawn her invitation to speak at the Holyrood parliament from an academic who has linked abortion to mental health issues after fellow MSPs raised concerns about the event.

Elaine Smith, Scottish Labour’s spokesperson on poverty and inequality, invited colleagues to a meeting titled Abortion in Scotland: a solution or a problem? at which US professor Priscilla Coleman had been asked to speak. Coleman was the author of study that looked at the link between abortion and anxiety, mood and substance abuse disorders, which has been heavily criticised.


Potential abortion shake-up could see terminations performed in Scotland up to 24 weeks

Jan 3, 2017
Helen McArdle, Health Correspondent / @HMcardleHT
Herald Scotland

WOMEN who are up to 24 weeks pregnant could undergo an abortion on the NHS in Scotland for the first time following a push to make late-stage terminations available.

Currently, women in Scotland who want a termination beyond 18-20 weeks for non-medical reasons, such as a delay in realising they are pregnant or due to a change in life circumstances, must travel to England to receive the procedure, with NHS Scotland covering the cost of referrals.

Although abortion is legal up to 24 weeks, so-called late-stage abortions are only carried out on the NHS in Scotland if they are required for urgent medical reasons such as the pregnancy putting the mother's life at risk or the baby suffering a fatal condition.

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Source: Herald Scotland