Nigeria – Unsafe abortion, fourth leading cause of maternal death – VC

Dayo Ojerinde
25 October 2021

The Vice Chancellor, University of Medical Sciences, Ondo, Prof. Adesegun Fatusi, has said unsafe abortion is the fourth leading cause of maternal death globally.

Fatusi, at a webinar organised by the Academy for Health Development, said safe abortion were procedures carried out using a World Health Organisation-recommended method appropriate to the pregnancy duration and done by a trained provider.


Experts lament high rate of unsafe abortions in Nigeria

October 19, 2021
by Chioma Obinna

With over half a million women in Nigeria suffer from complications from abortions annually; medical experts have lamented preventable deaths from abortions in Nigeria and other medium countries.

According to Guttmacher Institute 2020 report, an estimated 33 abortions occur annually per 1,000 women aged 15-49, with little variation across Eastern, Middle, Southern and Western Africa but the rate has remained largely unchanged over the past two decades.


Nigeria – Training drug sellers on safe abortion to reduce maternal mortality

By Stanley Akpunonu
17 December 2020  

Scientists have urged the federal, state, and local governments to work with drug sellers associations to improve the quality of abortion medication services in the country, given their critical role in providing drugs to prevent severe morbidity and mortality caused by unsafe abortion procedures.

The scientists who made known to the media the findings of their study on Women’s Experience with Self-Managed Misoprostol Abortions in Lagos State said governments must take steps to train drug sellers to share key information on the safe and effective use of the World Health Organisation recommended abortion medication, Misoprostol, to protect women from dying from unwanted pregnancy and related conditions.