As Lagos seeks to save more women from abortion-related deaths

July 11, 2022
By Oluwafunke Ishola

When Cynthia was raped by her abductors who later released her she knew she was in for more troubles.

Missing her menstrual period for two months heightened her fears. Testing positive for pregnancy broke her further. She wasn’t ready to swallow another bitter pill – keeping the unwanted pregnancy from ‘evil’ men.


Nigeria – Why adolescents form major abortion victims

Why adolescents form major abortion victims

July 25, 2019

News of Aduke, 16 years was shocking and unbelievable. Based on profuse bleeding, from Aduke who collapsed suddenly on that fateful day, concerned persons that were sympathetic to her plight rushed her on emergency to the nearest health centre. After close examination, the care providers on duty, promptly referred Aduke who was a secondary school student to a general hospital. She had become unconscious.

Further medical tests on the patient however showed that there has been attempts to terminate a pregnancy. Doctors subsequently carried out some surgical procedures to perfect the abortion so as to save the life of Aduke. Sadly, she died on the operating theatre.