Outrage in Poland over new ‘pregnancy register’ on the back of near-total abortion ban

By Euronews  with AP, AFP 
Updated: 07/06/2022

Poland's government is facing criticism over a new provision that requires doctors to record each pregnancy in the country.

Opposition MPs have labelled the medical data list as a "pregnancy register" and an infringement of women's rights.

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Poland, with near-total abortion ban, to record pregnancies

The right-wing government in Poland, where a near-total abortion ban is in place, now faces accusations it is creating a “pregnancy register.”

By Vanessa Gera, Associated Press
June 06, 2022

WARSAW, Poland -- The government of Poland, where a near-total abortion ban is in place, faced accusations Monday of creating a “pregnancy register” as the country expands the amount of medical data being digitally saved on patients.

Women's rights advocates and opposition politicians fear women face unprecedented surveillance given the conservative views of a ruling party that has already tightened what was one of Europe's most restrictive abortion laws.

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‘Her heart was beating too’ – Poles protest against strict abortion law


 Thousands of people gathered in cities across Poland on Saturday to protest against strict abortion laws after a pregnant woman's death reignited public debate on the issue in one of Europe's most devoutly Catholic countries.

A ruling by Poland's Constitutional Tribunal
that abortion on the grounds of foetal defects contravened the constitution
came into effect in January, triggering a near total ban on pregnancy
terminations and widespread protests.

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Black-clad Poles protest proposal to completely ban abortion

Published 23:15 October 1, 2016
By Vanessa Gera
Correspondent for the Associated Press based in Warsaw, Poland.

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Thousands of Poles, many dressed in black, rallied Saturday in front of parliament in Warsaw to protest a proposed bill that would impose a complete ban on abortion.

Speakers at the so-called “Black Protest” said a total ban on abortion, including for victims of rape or women whose lives are endangered by a pregnancy, would be “barbaric.” Poland already has one of Europe’s most restrictive abortion laws.

Organizers chose black as a symbol of mourning for the loss of reproductive rights that that say women could suffer if the law passes. In rallying speeches, they said they want as few abortions as possible in Poland, but that this goal should be achieved with better sex education in schools and easier access to birth control.

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