The vote in Argentina: WE’VE WON !!!

The vote in Argentina: WE'VE WON !!!
14 June 2018

The photos above are of a few of the Deputies in the Argentinian Congress supporting safe, legal, free abortion in the day-long marathon debate on 13 June, with the green scarves of the movement around their necks and on their desks.

The debate started at 11:30am on 13 June, and at that point several of the undecided deputies announced their positions, but it was not yet clear who had the majority of votes. Just after midnight, El Comercio reported that of the 275 deputies, 124 were thought to be against the bill and 126 in favour. Importantly, the report notes, the deputies’ positions for or against the bill, from the first day, were independent of their political affiliations. The bill needs 129 votes of the 257 total to be approved.