Argentina: The Outcome

Argentina: The Outcome
8 August 2018

Today’s the day: a matter of life and death for women

It’s the 8th of August, 10am, the day the vote will be taken on the bill that was passed by the House of Deputies several months and thousands of words and actions in support of law reform ago. Our friends in the country told us on the 1st of August that the debate in the Senate over the past days and weeks has been far more aggressive and extreme, mostly because anti-abortion activists are more active and preparing to go to court if the bill is approved. Some are pushing for the rejection of the bill altogether. Others have proposed a number of amendments.

An article on ABC News on 1 August, reporting on the response of the medical profession to the bill, quoted Health Minister Adolfo Rubinstein as saying recently. "Beyond all the moral dilemmas, abortion exists and it's a problem that we must face." They also reported that the prestigious Argentina Medical Society have endorsed the bill “because it will reduce deaths among the estimated 400,000–500,000 women who now have clandestine abortions each year”.