Women who underwent abortions face “trauma” as protests continue in Scotland

Women who went through abortions have told how "inescapable" and "damaging" anti-abortion protests are as Scotland sees an increase in protests outside clinics and hospitals.

By Hannah Brown
Sunday, 1st May 2022

Megan Braithwaite, 39, had an abortion for medical reasons in Edinburgh eight years ago. It was her first pregnancy and both her and her husband were trying for a baby.

"It was at the 20-week screening when we found out that the baby had a fetal anomaly and it was truly awful”, she said.

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Edinburgh woman says protests at abortion clinic made her feel ‘targeted’

Alice Murray chose to have an abortion after finding out she was pregnant at university, but said protestors at the clinic made her anxious

By Alasdair Clark, Journalist
15 Feb 2021

A new campaign has launched calling on the government to introduce "buffer zones" near abortion clinics to protect women from "intimidation and harassment".

Back Off Scotland, a campaign group aiming to pressure the Scottish Government into legislating for 150 metre protest-free zones around clinics providing abortions, have launched a petition calling for legislation.

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