USA – ‘Pushed to the margins’: Why some activists and lawmakers say abortion bans are a form of White supremacy

The threat to abortion access has underscored the economic hardships and maternal health crisis that Black and brown women face.

by Nicquel Terry Ellis, CNN
Wed May 18, 2022

The first time Kenya Martin got an abortion, she was a 19-year-old college student who felt she wasn't old enough or mature enough to raise a child.

The second time, Martin was a 26-year-old single mom making $12 an hour as a bank teller, could barely afford childcare or health insurance and was in a custody battle with her daughter's father. Martin would later have four more abortions, each time knowing she did not want another child.


USA – Minority women most affected if abortion is banned, limited

Feb. 1, 2022
The Associated Press

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — If you are Black or Hispanic in a conservative state that already limits access to abortions, you are far more likely than a white woman to have one.

And if the U.S. Supreme Court allows states to further restrict or even ban abortions, minority women will bear the brunt of it, according to statistics analyzed by The Associated Press.


‘The Battle Is Far from Over’– Recent Abortion Bans Foreshadow Struggles for Rural Women

Women in rural communities organize to fight for their reproductive rights.

by Carolyn Campbell
January 25, 2022

As battle cries rise after the Supreme Court’s arguments on abortion rights, and city women applaud the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of a mailed abortion pill, women from remote regions where abortions are restricted know all too well the harsh realities of life without reproductive justice.

Over the last two months, living and traveling through Texas and Mississippi, I’ve witnessed firsthand the panic, rage, and resistance of women, liberal and conservative, who struggle to get any health care, no less reproductive health care.