USA – Planned Parenthood Launches Abortion-Finder Tool

Planned Parenthood Launches Abortion-Finder Tool

By Marie Lodi
Nov. 13, 2019

This past year, the abortion rights of women throughout the country have been threatened by lawmakers hellbent on denying them the right of their own bodily autonomy. There have been a total of 26 anti-abortion bills passed in states such as Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama, the last of which bans all abortion with no exceptions for cases that involve rape or incest. (The ban is currently temporarily blocked by a federal judge.) After noticing that one of the most-searched phrases on its website is “abortion near me,” Planned Parenthood launched a new online tool called the Abortion Care Finder.

People who visit Planned Parenthood’s website will receive information about the nearest abortion centers, as well as any state requirements they would need, after they input personal information like their age, zip code, and first day of their last period. According to Planned Parenthood, users had come to its website searching for information on getting an abortion in their area as well as different abortion methods.