22 abortions carried out in Northern Ireland in year, new figures show as MP claims 100 refused

Government says further legislation could be proposed

Jonathan Bell 
January 20 2021

An MP has claimed over 100 women in Northern Ireland have been refused an abortion with some turning to the internet for pills.

It comes as new Department of Health figures show there were 22 abortions carried out in Northern Ireland during the financial year of 2019/20.

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Northern Ireland health chiefs accused over lack of abortion care

Patrick Corrigan, Lisa
January 06 2021

Health bosses have been accused of failing more than a third of a million
people amid claims an abortion service has been stopped.

Amnesty International said a failure by the Health Minister to commission
services and provide funding has forced the South Eastern Trust to cease the
provision of vital abortion care.

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A major battle is brewing over abortion rights in Poland

Dec 19, 2020

By Malcolm Brabant, Ivette Feliciano
Video – 9:21 minutes

A major battle is underway over abortion rights in Poland. The country’s constitutional court, whose legitimacy has been questioned by some, has made it even harder for Polish women to get abortions. The move has been condemned by the European Parliament and human rights groups like Amnesty International. Special Correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports from the capital Warsaw.

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Amnesty gathers 250,000 signatures for legal abortion in Argentina

Issued on: 17/12/2020

Amnesty International on Thursday presented 250,000 signatures it has collected from around the world in support of legalizing abortion in Argentina ahead of a crucial Senate vote.

Argentina's lower house of Congress voted last week to legalize abortion, sparking jubilant scenes amongst activists.

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Argentina’s lower house passes bill to allow abortion

Argentina will become only fourth Latin American country where abortion is legal

Uki Goñi in Buenos Aires and Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro
Fri 11 Dec 2020

Argentina is poised to become the first major Latin American country to decriminalise abortion after legislation was given the green light by lower house.

The bill, which was submitted last month by the leftwing president, Alberto Fernández, was approved on Friday morning by a margin of 131 to 117 votes after a 20-hour debate. It will be voted on by the senate at the end of this month.

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Argentina’s lower house approves bill legalizing elective abortion

In a landmark move, Argentina's lower house has passed a law to legalize elective abortion. The bill still needs approval from the predominantly Catholic country's traditionally conservative Senate.

Deutsche Welle

Argentina's lower house of Congress on Friday approved a bill to legalize elective abortion  to the 14th week of pregnancy, sending the proposal to the Senate, which rejected a similar bill two years ago.

The draft bill was passed with 131 votes in favor, 117 against and six abstentions. The bill still needs approval from the country's Senate in a debate expected before the end of 2020.

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Argentina: Amnesty International welcomes historic vote in favor of legal abortion and urges its full approval

11 December 2020
Amnesty International

Amnesty International welcomes the preliminary approval of the bill on the voluntary termination of pregnancy passed today by Argentina’s Chamber of Deputies, stressing that it is a landmark achievement for the recognition of the human rights of women, girls and others who can become pregnant. The bill will now pass to the Senate, which has an opportunity to make history by passing the law and bringing an end to clandestine abortions in the country.

“This is an achievement of the women’s movement and a demand from different social groups who have never given up on the cause. The Senate cannot afford to turn its back on women once again and must press forward to pass the law, without further delay. Legal abortion is an imperative for social justice, for reproductive justice and for human rights,” said Mariela Belski, executive director of Amnesty International Argentina.

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Argentina’s Congress must pass historic bill to legalize abortion

December 8, 2020
Amnesty International

Ahead of a vote in the lower chamber of the Argentine Congress on December 10, on Human Rights Day, Tarah Demant, the director of the Gender, Sexuality, and Identity program at Amnesty International USA said:

“Abortion is a human right that respects the dignity and autonomy of anyone who can become pregnant. Everyone must be able to access safe abortion, care, and information, and decriminalization is absolutely central. The Argentinian Congress has the opportunity now to recognize the rights of all women, girls and people who can become pregnant to make free decisions about their own bodies.”

continued: https://www.amnestyusa.org/press-releases/argentinas-congress-must-pass-historic-bill-to-legalize-abortion/

POLAND – Reports of heavy-handed and illegal treatment of protestors by police

International Campaign for Safe Abortion
NOVEMBER 25, 2020

A survey carried out on 6-12 November among a representative group of 1,010 adult Poles using a computer-assisted face-to-face interview method, found that 29% of those aged 18-24 had participated in the street protests of the past month. The greatest support for the protests was expressed by people from cities with 20,000-100,000 residents (78% in total, of which 16% said they had taken part in the protests), followed by people from cities with over 500,000 inhabitants (71%, of which 18% participated in the protests). More women than men participated in the protests but the level support was equal. Overall, 70% of the respondents supported the street protests; 13% of respondents had participated in the protests (4% many times and 9% once). Only 25% did not participate in or support the demonstrations and 5% did not know.

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Legal but not accessible: abortion in Turkey from an ethical perspective

By Gender DSC

Can abortion just be a medical decision?
As has been reported by Amnesty International, “Around 47,000 women die as a result of unsafe abortions every year.” The testimony of Rajat Khosla, Amnesty International’s Senior Director of Research and Advocacy shows the peril of the siege over women’s bodies. Although the political authorities try to establish their presence under the subject of religious sensitivity with the slogan that “abortion is murder”, many women have died as a result of the operations carried out under improper conditions.

In countries where abortion is restricted or prohibited, women who are wealthy have the chance to get an abortion abroad and return to their countries, while the poor have to terminate their pregnancy using dangerous methods such as clothes hangers, as in Argentina.

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