Abortion no longer a crime in NZ after historic vote in Parliament

Abortion no longer a crime in NZ after historic vote in Parliament
Parliament has voted 68-51 tonight in favour to decriminalise abortion and remove it from the Crimes Act.

Anna Whyte, 1 News Politics Reporter
Wed, Mar 18

The Abortion Legislation Bill will remove the statutory test for a person who is less than 20 weeks pregnant and allow a woman to self-refer to an abortion provider.

Heated speeches were delivered by MPs for and against, during the third and final reading of the bill. It will now be signed off by the Governor-General to become law.

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New Zealand Eases Abortion Restrictions

New Zealand Eases Abortion Restrictions

By Richard Pérez-Peña
Published March 18, 2020

Lawmakers voted on Wednesday to liberalize New Zealand’s abortion law and allow unrestricted access during the first half of pregnancy, ending the country’s status as one of the few wealthy nations to limit the grounds for abortion during that period.

Members of Parliament also greatly loosened restrictions on abortions in the latter half of pregnancy, with language that opponents say amounts to no meaningful limitations until the moment of birth.

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New Zealand: Antiquated abortion law a $20 million ‘box ticking exercise’

Antiquated abortion law a $20 million ‘box ticking exercise’
Monday 10th July 2017
The decriminalisation of abortion in New Zealand will save the taxpayer millions, a leading doctor says.

The Government has forked out more than $20 million since 2012 paying specialist doctors to sign off on abortions.

But one specialist has called the process “cruel”, and says a 40-year-old law necessitating the exercise needs to change.

Under the Crimes Act, it is illegal for a woman to have an abortion in New Zealand unless it has been approved by two highly-paid specialist doctors, called certifying consultants.

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New Zealand: Govt accused of mixed messages on abortion

Govt accused of mixed messages on abortion
14 March 2017

Craig McCulloch, Political Reporter

Pro-choice protesters - in response to anti-abortion protesters - outside an abortion clinic in Thames (file). Photo: Change.Org

The Abortion Supervisory Committee has called for the legislation to be updated to reflect modern society and will make its case to MPs on Thursday.

Under the current law, a woman can have an abortion only after two doctors agree that continuing the pregnancy would seriously harm her health.

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