NSW – Berejiklian backs ‘gender selection’ abortion ban amid pressure

Berejiklian backs 'gender selection' abortion ban amid pressure

By Alexandra Smith
August 14, 2019

Sheffield, England: Premier Gladys Berejiklian has made an extraordinary appeal to her upper house colleagues to consider "strengthening" the abortion bill as she comes under pressure from conservative MPs.

Ms Berejiklian said she would be prepared to change the Crimes Act to ban gender selection abortions and encouraged upper house MPs to give the issue "careful consideration".

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Is the ‘revolt’ against Gladys Berejiklian over the abortion bill real?

Is the ‘revolt’ against Gladys Berejiklian over the abortion bill real?
The rancour within the NSW Liberal party is being stirred by commentators looking for a new culture war

By Brinkwire
on August 13, 2019

The New South Wales premier, Gladys Berejiklian flew out of Sydney on a trade mission on Monday morning, leaving seething unhappiness in some parts of her Liberal party over the the bill to decriminalise abortion, which passed the lower house last week.

But is it actually a revolt, as some media report, or a naked attempt to forge a new front in the culture wars led by the Daily Telegraph and Sky News?

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