Europe’s regulators must ban ‘abortion pill reversal’

By Tatev Hovhannisyan

“It can’t be happening in Europe!” This was the first reaction of my European friends and colleagues when they heard about our team’s findings – how doctors globally, backed by US religious conservatives, are providing women with an unproven and potentially dangerous treatment that claims to 'reverse' a medical abortion.

Like my friends and colleagues, I’ve always
thought that Europe is the best part of the world in which to be a woman. This
assumption is not baseless: according to the latest survey, European countries
are among the best places for women to live, thanks to their high regard for
human rights, gender equality and safety.


Argentina’s women have not been beaten on abortion – change will come

Argentina’s women have not been beaten on abortion – change will come
The ‘senadores percha’ who voted against legalisation have won a hollow victory but cannot stand in the way of progress

Claudia Piñeiro
Fri 10 Aug 2018

Argentina’s senators could not understand what was being debated: legal abortion or clandestine abortion? Or they did not want to understand? Thirty-eight senators voted for the absolute rejection of a bill to allow legal termination, without showing any willingness to introduce changes or improve the proposals. They simply said “no” – as if they were judges instead of legislators. They showed an arrogant attitude, absolutely detached from a reality in Argentina where there are women who die every year from complications arising after clandestine abortions.

To reject the bill, they pronounced all kind of barbarities from their seats: proclaiming that they were saving embryos, without explaining how, and even suggesting that intrafamily rape does not imply violence.