“Women Are Going to Die”: A Late Abortion Doctor on the Dangers of Post-Roe America

Abigail Weinberg
July 19, 2022

Abortions that occur after 21 weeks gestation are vanishingly rare, accounting for about 1 percent of all abortions nationwide. The doctors who perform abortions later in pregnancy are even rarer: The 2013 documentary After Tiller cited just four doctors in the United States who performed abortions in the third trimester.

One of them is Dr. Warren Hern. He has operated in Boulder, Colorado, for decades, despite a constant onslaught of violence and harassment.


Scotland fights to end abortion ‘harassment’

Online News Editor
May 28, 2022

Edinburgh, UK, May 28 (EFE).- Protesters took to the streets of Edinburgh on Saturday to demand a stop to rallies in front of abortion clinics, considered a form of harassment and intimidation.

“They want to control women,” a protester and lecturer at Edinburgh University, Betinna Nissen, told Efe.

Scotland is considering introducing a new law that prohibits anti-abortion protests in front of clinics which could make an already difficult choice an every harder one for women getting an abortion.

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USA – Harassment at Abortion Clinics Is Already Bad. It’s Worse When You’re Black.

We need to explicitly name white supremacy and racism as the core drivers of abortion bans and restrictions, as well as violence and harassment.

Apr 21, 2022
MiQuel Davies, Rewire News

Abortion providers and people accessing abortion care are at high risk of violence and harassment. We know this from the well-documented history of providers being murdered, clinics dealing with arson and regular hate mail, and protesters stationed daily outside many abortion clinics, where they harass providers and patients.

What we don’t always talk about—or name explicitly—is that the violence and harassment faced by patients and providers who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color is often heightened and racialized. At Physicians for Reproductive Health, we know this is true from the countless experiences of physicians in our network as well as those working day to day on the ground, especially in hostile states. Unfortunately, this reality is often dismissed or minimized in an attempt to disassociate racism and white supremacy from attacks on abortion rights.
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USA – Liberal Cities Are Not Immune to Mounting Attacks on Abortion Rights

BY Emily Janakiram & Katie Finnigan, Truthout
April 16, 2022

An anti-abortion group that masquerades as progressive in an attempt to gain a following in liberal cities suddenly surged into mainstream news headlines this spring after the Washington Metro Police Department recovered five fetuses from the apartment of anti-abortion activist Lauren Handy.

Handy is a member of the group “Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising” (PAAU), which announced its formation in September 2021. The group claims to be “pro-BIPOC” and “pro-LGBTQ,” but in practice, the group’s actions align with a violent, right-wing anti-abortion tradition.

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Scotland – Doctors call for action over abortion protests as patients face ‘deplorable intimidation and harassment’

Group of 76 clinicians urge government to introduce buffer zones following large demonstration outside Glasgow hospital

Chiara Giordano
Apr 15, 2022

Scores of doctors have called for action after a large anti-abortion protest was held near a hospital in Glasgow.

More than 100 anti-abortion activists from the 40 Days for Life campaign group gathered outside the city’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital on Sunday.

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Anti-Abortion Activist With Five Fetuses Has Worried DC Clinic Workers for Years

The group affiliated with activist Lauren Handy claims to have additional fetuses.


On Wednesday, police found five fetuses in the Capitol Hill home of Lauren Handy, a 28-year-old, self-described “Catholic anarchist” who is a fixture of the DC anti-abortion scene. Approached by a WUSA9 reporter, Handy declined to elaborate on the findings, except to say—quite correctly—that “people will freak out when they hear.”

The Handy-affiliated group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) emailed Washingtonian a press release late Thursday night that teases the existence of an unspecified number of “remaining aborted fetuses (that have not been turned over to police).” PAAU promises to reveal the number of remaining fetuses, in addition to answering other questions, at a press conference next week.

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Thousands protest against abortion in Madrid


Thousands of people marched though Madrid on Sunday to protest against abortion, as Spain's leftist government prepares a law to guarantee access to the procedure at public hospitals.

Carrying signs that read "Abortion is not right" and chanting "More respect for life", demonstrators walked through the centre of the Spanish capital to Cibeles square in central Madrid where a manifesto was read aloud.

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New Zealand – New law to see protest-free ‘safe zones’ allowed outside abortion clinics

By Irra Lee, 1News Digital Producer
Wed, Mar 16, 2022

“Safe zones” can now be established around specific abortion facilities, restricting protest behaviour in those areas, after a proposed law passed its third reading in Parliament on Wednesday evening.

The bill passed with 108 votes in favour and 12 against. For Labour, 62 voted in favour and three (Anahila Kanongata’a-Suisuiki, Neru Leavasa, Jamie Strange) against.

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N. Ireland – Enforcement of abortion clinic safe access zones ‘must balance competing rights’

Chief Superintendent Melanie Jones spoke to Stormont’s Health Committee on the proposed new legislation.

By Rebecca Black
Jan 11, 2022

A senior police officer has said that competing human rights must be balanced in the enforcement of proposed safe access zones around abortion clinics in Northern Ireland

Green Party MLA Clare Bailey proposed the legislation, describing a “campaign of harassment and intimidation” outside facilities by anti-abortion campaigners as having “escalated” in recent months.

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 Abortion in Spain: Women struggle to access treatment despite it being legal

Video: 5:33 minutes

Some 100,000 abortions take place every year in Spain. In theory, terminations are a right under Spanish law but in practice, many women face obstacles when they choose to terminate a pregnancy. The medical establishment itself is often hostile to the prospect of performing abortions, and doctors working in the field say they are stigmatised by their pro-life colleagues. Our correspondents report.

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