I was pregnant, and getting an out-of-state termination was already scary. Then I got caught out by a fake abortion clinic.

Bethany Dawson
Aug 21, 2022

This article is based on conversations with Anna Smith, who asked that her real name not be used, from Kansas City, Missouri, who needed an abortion in a state where the procedure has been illegal since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June. She detailed the problems she faced trying to cross the state line to get an abortion.

Roe v. Wade being overturned broke my heart. In the red state of Missouri, we had a trigger ban waiting for the Supreme Court judgment to drop. The moment it did, I knew every woman in my state would have their life changed.

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Nigeria – Challenges in accessing abortion care for women

Challenges in accessing abortion care for women

ON DECEMBER 23, 2020
By Okon Taye

Accessing abortion care is one of the problems women in Nigeria are facing which has led to maternal deaths.

The Performance Monitoring for Action, PMA research has revealed that 10 per cent of women had no direct interaction with the abortion provider.

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New Zealand – Despair and Contempt: What it’s like to seek an abortion

Despair and Contempt: What it’s like to seek an abortion

By Paula Penfold
Apr 6, 2019

It’s such a ridiculously innocuous, unobtrusive looking thing, this piece of plastic with a felt-like tip. Years later when you want them, those two blue lines will make you smile.

But this is not then. This is too soon. Too terrifying.

I’m 21, fresh out of journalism school, starting my first job - a junior reporter in a radio newsroom in a small New Zealand town, still wearing my university op-shop clothes, earning less than $20,000 a year but eager, excited for what my career might hold.

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US abortion doctor says ‘I’m not going to live in fear’

US abortion doctor says 'I'm not going to live in fear'

30 October 2017
By Annie Flury, UGC and Social News team

Like many women, Colleen Krajewski finds first dates a bit awkward but until recently she had the additional pressure of trying to dodge the question of what she does for a living.

"Once you tell a guy you're an abortion doctor, that's usually it," said Dr Krajewski, a gynaecologist in Pennsylvania, US.

"There was one guy who was being very forward at the end of a date and I told him I had to work the next day. "He was surprised and asked who for. I told him what I did and he instantly said, 'I'm a Catholic' and backed off."

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