US/UK – Madison County man charged with making social media threats to abortion activists

by: Daniel Griffin
Posted: Apr 20, 2021

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A London, Ohio man has been charged by a federal grand jury with making online threats against people connected with a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people access safe abortions.

James David Hampton, 40, was charged with 10 counts stemming from an alleged incident that took place on Aug. 26, 2020, according to a statement from Vipal J. Patel, acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio.


Rwanda – Riviera High School defies govt directive on pregnancy test

By Edwin Ashimwe

April 14,

A few months after the Ministry of Education ordered schools to stop asking for
a pregnancy test as a precondition for admission, Riviera High School has
defied the directive.

In a letter from Kabuga-based school signed by its principal Boniface Onyango
and addressed to parents, a pregnancy test is one of the requirements for
admission for all female students.


Biden begins to undo Trump-era ban on abortion referrals

Apr 14, 2021
By: Canadian Press

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Wednesday began to undo a Trump-era ban on clinics referring women for abortions, a policy that drove Planned Parenthood from the federal family planning program and created new complications for women trying to get birth control.

The proposed rule from the Department of Health and Human Services follows through on President Joe Biden's campaign promise to reverse his predecessor's family planning policy, which was branded a “gag rule” by women's groups and decried by medical associations as violating the doctor-patient relationship.


Poland: Escalating Threats to Women Activists

Human Rights Watch
March 31, 2021

(Berlin) – Bomb and death threats targeting at least seven groups in Poland for supporting women’s rights and the right to abortion are disturbing reminders of escalating risks to women’s human rights defenders in the country, Human Rights Watch, CIVICUS, and International Planned Parenthood Federation-European Network (IPPF-EN) said today.

The authorities should urgently investigate, protect the women targeted and hold those responsible for the threats accountable. Polish officials should also counter abusive misinformation campaigns targeting activists.


Greece – ND distances itself from MEP’s vote on abortion rights


Greece’s ruling party distanced itself from one of its MEPs on Tuesday over his vote against women’s right to abortion in a motion submitted at the European Parliament last week, saying that his views “do not express those of the party or its leader.”

New Democracy’s Stelios Kympouropoulos approved a proposed amendment submitted by the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), which stated that “every human being has the inherent right to life and that the human life of the child must always be protected, starting from the moment of conception.”


New Zealand – Why we need safe areas outside abortion clinics

Terry Bellamak | Guest writer
March 8, 2021

This week, a bill that would ensure pregnant people seeking abortion don’t have to be confronted by angry mobs outside of clinics is expected to have its first reading. Terry Bellamak explains why safe areas are so crucial for vulnerable patients.

Last March, New Zealand legalised abortion. The new law changed many things for the better – no more seeking approval of certifying consultants, no more having to lie to come within the grounds in the Crimes Act. But due to a procedural misstep, safe areas did not make it into the final version. MPs asked too late for a roll call vote. To be fair, it was late at night.


Ontario private member’s bill introduced to control delivery of anti-abortion flyers

Activists say women who suffered pregnancy losses and children are unfairly affected

Colin Butler · CBC News
Posted: Mar 08, 2021

A London, Ont. New Democrat MPP introduced a private member's bill at Queen's Park Monday that would ban the practice of freely distributing images of fetal remains, which many critics argue are too graphic to be left on the doorsteps of family homes.

Terrance Kernaghan, representing London North Centre, introduced the "Viewer Discretion Act" that would require any type of graphic image delivered to the doorstep of a family home to be enclosed in a sealed envelope with the sender's name clearly written on the front.


Abortion Is Now Legal in Argentina, but Opponents Are Making It Hard to Get

Anti-abortion activists are suing to block a new law allowing the procedure, and many doctors in conservative areas have declared themselves conscientious objectors.

By Daniel Politi, New York Times
March 7, 2021

BUENOS AIRES — For the first time in more
than a century, women in Argentina can legally get an abortion, but that
landmark shift in law may do them little good at hospitals like the one in
northern Jujuy Province where all but one obstetrician have a simple response:

Abortion opponents are reeling after a
measure legalizing the procedure was signed into law in December, but they have
hardly given up. They have filed lawsuits arguing that the new law is
unconstitutional. And they have made sure doctors know that they can refuse to
terminate pregnancies, a message that is being embraced by many in rural areas.


Brazil: New president of the House opens the road for anti-abortion provisions

2 Mar 2021
by Thais Rodrigues and Edson Sardinha*

Brazilian conservative and extreme -right
parlimentarians are planing to take advantage of the new presidency of the
House, MP Arthur Lira (from the Partido Progressista) to push through with
their anti-abortion propositions, which had been shelved by the former
president,  MP Rodrigo Maia (Democratas).
Having been supported in his election by the House Evangelical group and the
Parliamentary  Front against Abortion and
in Defense of Life, Lira will face much pressure on their part to open the way
for tougher  legislation against abortion
to be adopted. This agenda, however, faces 
resistance in other quarters of the Congress.


Malawi MPs debate bill to liberalise abortion laws as churches oppose

Law would widen strict rules in country where thousands suffer complications from unsafe terminations

Charles Pensulo in Lilongwe
Thu 25 Feb 2021

A bill to liberalise Malawi’s abortion laws will be debated by MPs on Thursday in the face of opposition from faith groups.

If passed, the termination of pregnancy bill would allow abortions when a woman’s mental or physical health is in danger, in cases of rape and incest, and when there are serious foetal abnormalities.