For These Abortion Clinic Escorts, The Vitriol From Protesters Has Gotten Way Worse As States Try To Restrict Access

“You never know who’s going to show up when you call 911. Nothing has ever come of it.”

Nicole Fallert, BuzzFeed News Reporter
Posted on October 16, 2021

Christine is used to being called a witch. As a volunteer escort at EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville, Kentucky, she’s accustomed to crowds of anti-abortion protesters shouting the word at her while she accompanies patients into the clinic. “Devil” and “Nazi guard” are also frequently used.

Christine, who has been an escort for eight years, said patients are never prepared for the harassment that awaits them as they attempt to enter the building.


Bulletproof glass and 24-hour surveillance: The life of an American abortion doctor

ABC News, Australia
By North American correspondent Kathryn Diss and Cameron Schwarz in Colorado
Posted Mon 11 Oct 2021

Warren Hern doesn’t live like any ordinary doctor. He keeps the location of his Colorado home secret. He sleeps with a rifle beside his bed. He wears a bulletproof vest if speaking publicly, and works behind bulletproof glass.

Every square inch of his surgery, which is protected by large security fences, is monitored with surveillance cameras 24 hours a day.


WA looks ahead to modernised laws as ‘historic’ abortion legislation passes

15 August 2021
By Naomi Neilson

In what has been praised as a “landmark achievement” by human rights lawyers, the Western Australian government has brought its legislation in line with the rest of Australia by passing a bill to create protective zones around abortion services. However, the state still has a long way to go to decriminalise and modernise its laws.

Western Australia has become the last state or territory in Australia to pass the Public Health Amendment (Safe Access Zones) Bill 2021 and has finally unified the country’s protective zones around abortion services. Within these zones, obstructive and harassing behaviour targeted at patients and staff is prohibited.


Harassment outside abortion services now banned across Australia with historic passing of safe access zone laws in WA

Human Rights Law Centre
Aug 12, 2021

The safety and privacy of people seeking reproductive healthcare will now be protected in law across Australia after the Western Australian Parliament passed legislation to create safe access zones around abortion services.

Western Australia is the last state or territory in Australia to enact safe access zone laws.


Abortion clinic protests banned in WA as safe access zones bill approved to protect women

By Rhiannon Shine
Aug 12, 2021

Protesting outside abortion clinics will no longer be allowed in any Australian jurisdiction, after laws to introduce safe access zones in Western Australia passed State Parliament.

The Public Health Amendment (Safe Access Zones) Bill 2021 passed the Labor-dominated Legislative Council today.


Human rights groups drafting legislation to introduce safe access zones for abortion services

Safe access zones were meant to be introduced in 2019 as part of the legislation which repealed the 8th amendment, but they are yet to be implemented

MON, 09 AUG, 2021

Campaigners and human rights groups are now working to draft legislation to introduce safe access zones around health centres that provide abortion services, in a bid to get laws passed as soon as possible.

It comes after the Department of Health told the Irish Examiner that existing public order laws already cover any problems that arise at protests, adding that there have been "a limited number of reports of protests" which is "an extremely positive development".


Ireland – Mary Favier calls for safe zones around abortion clinics

GP says it is unfair to protest at locations where women access health services

Aug 9, 2021
Vivienne Clarke

Anti-abortion campaigners must not be allowed to set up pickets outside facilities providing abortion services, the former president of the Irish College of General Practitioners has said.

Mary Favier expressed surprise at weekend reports that the Government has dropped plans to introduce safe access zones outside maternity hospitals and clinics providing abortion services.


Ireland – Government U-turn on safe access zones at abortion clinics

SAT, 07 AUG, 2021

The Government has scrapped promised laws to introduce safe access zones outside maternity hospitals and clinics providing abortion services.

Campaigners have hit out at Health Minister Stephen Donnelly for quietly shelving legislation to protect women and staff from intimidation when entering healthcare facilities, accusing him of "disregarding the electorate" and "disrespecting pregnant women".


Ireland – Health Minister ‘fully committed’ to safe access zones for abortion services

Stephen Donnelly says women's healthcare is a priority for him, responding to a statement from the Department of Health which said existing legislation is sufficient to prevent anti-abortion protests at hospitals

SAT, 07 AUG, 2021

The Minister for Health insists he is "fully committed" to legislating for safe access zones around clinics that provide abortion services.

It comes after the Irish Examiner revealed that the Department of Health stated that current public order legislation is adequate to police anti-abortion protests outside hospitals and GP practices.


Missouri – The last clinic

There were once 30 clinics performing abortions in Missouri. Now there’s just one. It’s on the front line of a battle to defend a woman’s right to choose.

By US correspondent Kathryn Diss
Foreign Correspondent
Published 4 Aug 2021

Colleen McNicholas is always watching her back. The location of her family home is protected. The perimeter is guarded with security cameras and alarm systems. Her child’s identity is kept secret. As she drives to work, she checks her rear-view mirror to make sure no-one is following. She never takes the same route two days in a row.

It’s not the typical routine for a doctor travelling to their surgery. But in the conservative mid-west state of Missouri, Dr McNicholas’s line of work makes her and her family a target for extremism. She’s a doctor at the state’s last abortion clinic, the only centre still providing safe and legal abortions for a population of 1.1 million women. If the powerful anti-abortion lobby gets its way, it too could soon be shut down.