Conservatives are hell-bent on reasserting control over women’s bodies—and a fresh hell starts today with what women in the Lone Star State are waking up to.

Molly Jong-Fast, Contributing Editor
Updated Sep. 01, 2021

The Supreme Court declined to act and let Texas’ insane new abortion law stand, for now, in what looks to be the day Roe v. Wade began to die.

As of today, SB8, which Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law, bans abortions at six weeks, with no exception for rape or incest, while targeting anyone who “aids or abets” another person’s abortion. The idea is to make anyone who helps a woman get an abortion a legal target, even her Uber driver, with any citizen able to collect a bounty on abortion providers.


Religious zealots only show why abortion should be legal

By Suzanne McLaughlin
22nd August

LAST week a 10-year-old Brazilian girl wearing a little flowery dress and cheap
flip-flops was bundled into a car boot clutching her fluffy toy frog. She was
driven through a back door to a hospital guarded by military police past a
throng of right-wing and religious extremists in order to have a termination.

Abortion is allowed in Brazil in just three instances: to save a woman’s life,
if it is the result of rape and if the child is dead. This little girl was
living through two of these circumstances. She was a victim of rape and her
life was in imminent danger and so the judge in her home area ruled that the
abortion should go ahead.


Ireland – ‘Fighting Fake News’ podcast: Abortion referendum could be a magnet for disinformation – former minister

'Fighting Fake News' podcast: Abortion referendum could be a magnet for disinformation - former minister

Kevin Doyle
March 18 2018

ANTI-abortion extremists are likely to use social media to spread disinformation in a bid "to frighten the population into retaining the status quo", former communications minister Pat Rabbitte has said.

The ex-Labour TD, who admits to having his own perspective on the vote, believes the upcoming referendum could be influenced by outside forces who have no issue with using shock tactics.