‘It’s crazy’: the doctor who faces jail in Argentina for giving a legal abortion

Abortion was legalised in 2020, but the charges brought against Miranda Ruiz show the battle for reproductive rights is not over

Natalie Alcoba in Buenos Aires
Tue 19 Apr 2022

Doctor Miranda Ruiz went to work one Friday in September knowing she was likely to be arrested.

The prosecutor of Tartagal, a city in Argentina’s province of Salta, had announced his intentions the day before: that Ruiz, 34, would be detained for administering an abortion – in a country that had legalised the procedure less than a year earlier.

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Bangladesh – 4 arrested over death of college student during abortion

They have been shown arrested six months after the college student's death

Tribune Desk

November 13th, 2020

Police on Wednesday arrested four people including a clinic's director over the
death of a college student during unsafe abortion in Chittagong city.

Md Harunur Rashid, 60, director of Chawkbazar City Health Clinic, and three
female clinic staff were shown arrested six months after the college student's
death in a murder case filed by the girl's father, reports Bangla Tribune.

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India – Abortion During Pandemic: Whose Crime Is It Anyway?

Abortion During Pandemic: Whose Crime Is It Anyway?

This article has been collectively written by members of NGOs working on safe abortion advocacy.
May 30, 2020

On 12th May 2020, mainstream newspapers reported that an abortion pill overdose allegedly resulted in a woman’s death in Mumbai. Her husband, in-laws, family doctor, husband’s friend and the medical representative who supplied the pills have all been booked under Section 314 of the Indian Penal Code as well as Sections 4 and 5(2) of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act. While the police were prompt in responding to the complaint of foul play, the news items raise some questions about the process of investigation, reporting as well as the restrictions on pregnant persons’ access to the healthcare services they need, especially in the context of the current pandemic crisis.

To begin with, it is not clear from the report how the conclusion about “overdose” of medical abortion pills was reached. Autopsy reports usually indicate the cause of death in terms of the complication or physical condition which led to death; in this case it was excessive bleeding. The reports do not mention whether the autopsy was followed by further investigations that suggested drug overdose. Moreover, there is no mention of whether the woman’s medical history was explored to rule out any other contributing cause or complication.

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Morocco: Journalist’s pardon for ‘abortion’ reflects societal split

Morocco: Journalist's pardon for 'abortion' reflects societal split
Hajar Raissouni was jailed for an abortion she has always denied. Her pardon this week was a small victory for women's rights activists across the region who, despite recent gains, still face serious resistance.

Date 19.10.2019
Author Tom Allinson, Imane Mellouk

After Morocco's king pardoned her for the crimes of having an "illegal abortion" and premarital sex , journalist Hajar Raissouni on Wednesday made a victory sign with her fingers. The moment has come to symbolize a win for her and civil rights activists, who have campaigned for her release.

King Mohammed VI overturned her one-year sentence and conviction, which was handed down on September 30 in order to "preserve the future of the two fiancés who planned to found a family in line with our religious and legal precepts, despite the error they made," the justice ministry said.

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Canada – Death and the abortion doctor: The story of Dr. W.H. Dudley

Death and the abortion doctor: The story of Dr. W.H. Dudley
This edition of Remember This is the first of three stories recounting the status of abortion in the 1920, and the downfall of a prominent local doctor

Aug 25, 2019

From the archives of the Sault Ste. Marie Public Library:

In 1928, doctors were called to a local hotel to find a woman – the wife of the owner – dead. And with that was launched an inquest into the nature of her death, and the activities of Doctor William Howard Dudley, who had been treating her prior to her death.

The woman’s autopsy revealed a perforated uterus and indicated that she had died of peritonitis, an infection of the abdomen’s inner wall. As a result of these findings and witness testimony, Doctor William Howard Dudley was arrested. His bail was set at $10,000 – over $145,000 by today’s standards – and he was charged with manslaughter in the woman’s death.

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Kenya – Woman and high school student arrested for attempted abortion

Woman and high school student arrested for attempted abortion

By Amina Wako
May 6th, 2019

A middle-aged woman and a Form Three student were arrested on Sunday after they were allegedly caught planning to procure an abortion.

The 18-year-old girl from a school in Nakuru County had traveled to Bomet to seek the help of the 50-years-old woman to terminate her 6-month pregnancy.

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Five busted in Klaten for allegedly running online abortion clinic

Five busted in Klaten for allegedly running online abortion clinic

Ganug Nugroho Adi
The Jakarta Post
Thu, March 14, 2019

The Klaten Police arrested five people last Friday for allegedly running an online abortion clinic in Ceper, Klaten, Central Java.

The suspects were identified as Agung Nugroho and his wife, Anisa Puspitasari, as well as Ariyanti, a local midwife. Agung and Anis allegedly offered abortion services on a LINE messaging app under the handle Nindira. The police also arrested Dian Arisa and Yoga Janu, a couple who allegedly used the clinic’s service.

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Autopsy finds Kenyan right activist died from bad abortion

Autopsy finds Kenyan right activist died from bad abortion

The Associated Press
Published: February 14, 2019

NAIROBI, Kenya — An autopsy shows that a Kenyan rights activist, missing for six days before her body was discovered in a city morgue, died from a botched abortion.

Many had feared that Caroline Mwatha’s disappearance and death had to do with her work at the Dandora Social Justice Center which has been documenting illegal police killings and other violations.

Dr. Peter Muriuki, who conducted the autopsy for Mwatha’s family, said she died of excessive bleeding both internally and externally. He said it was a result of a medical intervention removing the fetus.

Police asked a court Thursday to hold six people for 14 days to investigate Mwatha’s death. They include the owner of the clinic where she died. Abortion is illegal in Kenya unless it’s an emergency to save the mother.

Source: https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/nation/autopsy-finds-kenyan-right-activist-died-from-bad-abortion/

South Africa – Stigma, shame and back street abortion pill

Stigma, shame and back street abortion pills

27 January 2019
Sherlin Barends

Cape Town - Sixteen. That’s how old I was the first time I bought a pregnancy test.

“It’s not for me, it’s for a life orientation project,” I nervously explained to the middle-aged woman on the other side of the counter.

Her raised eyebrows and pursed lips were a clear indication she didn’t believe me. She was right not to. There was no assignment that required me, a Grade 10 pupil at the time, to purchase a home pregnancy test.

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