Abortion Politics in Poland

A Conversation About the Constitutional Tribunal’s Decision With Wanda Nowicka, Member of The Polish Parliament & SRHM Editorial Advisory Board

11 NOVEMBER, 2020
Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters – Advocacy Blog
(13 minute video)

On 22 October 2020, the Polish government ruled in favour of a near total ban on abortions – even though the country already had one of the strictest abortion laws in Europe. The ban would apply to cases of severe fetal anomaly which account for 98% of abortions carried out in Poland.

The controversial court ruling sparked the largest protests the country has seen since the fall of communism in 1989.

To learn more about what is happening in Poland, Eszter Kismődi, SRHM Chief Executive, spoke to Wanda Nowicka, Polish activist and politician.

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Lithuanian Parliament to consider restricting access to abortion

Lithuanian Parliament to consider restricting access to abortion
Oct 16, 2017

Lithuanian Parliament will, in the coming weeks, discuss a draft law that would strongly restrict women’s access to legal abortion leaving only two options for accessing the procedure: when women's life and health are in danger and in cases of rape. If adopted, this law would put Lithuania among countries with the strictest laws on abortion in Europe. The draft law had been proposed by the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania who Since 2005 unsuccessfully tried to submit bills to penalize abortion.

Continued at source: http://www.astra.org.pl/repronews/541-lithuanian-parliament-to-consider-restricting-access-to-abortion.html