Abortion Is Technically Illegal in Germany — This Is How Women Get Them Anyway

May 19, 2022 
13 minute video, partly in German with English subtitles.

In Germany, abortion is technically illegal under an ancient law from 1871. But women can get them without punishment in the first trimester after an abortion-certifying consultation and a mandatory, three-day waiting period. The procedure can only be performed by a certified doctor. Another law prevents doctors from advertising and even publicly explaining abortion procedures for example on their websites. Due to a new, more liberal government, the law is expected to be changed later this year, but the law regarding the procedure will not.

This is what it's like for pregnant people seeking abortions and abortion providers in a liberal country with a surprisingly restrictive abortion law.

Continued: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRMlq6DHrVo