USA – Abortion rights advocates say they need more men’s voices

“Being a part of it, supporting, listening and being active, are all things that men can and should be doing,” said a professor who specializes in law and gender.

June 5, 2022
By The Associated Press

NEW YORK — If Donovan Atterberry thought about abortion at all as a young man, it was perhaps with some vague discomfort, or a memory of the anti-abortion protesters outside the clinic that he would pass on his way to the park as a child.

It became real to him in 2013, when his girlfriend, now his wife, became pregnant with their first child together. She’d had a healthy pregnancy before, his stepdaughter, but this time genetic testing found a lethal chromosomal disorder in the developing fetus, one that would likely result in a stillbirth and also possibly put her life at risk during a delivery.