Mexico – Bill presented to legalize abortion via constitutional amendment

by International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion
Oct 30, 2018

A few days after thousands of women took to the streets of Mexico City to demand the decriminalisation of abortion on International Safe Abortion Day, the party PRD put the issue on the table of the Mexica Congress. Senator Leonor Noyola, with support from her caucus, presented a bill that seeks to add three new paragraphs to Article 1 of the Mexican Constitution. Article 1 currently recognises the human rights of all Mexicans and the obligation of the State to protect them. These new rights would be:

- The right to self-determination and the free development of personality, so that all people can freely exercise their abilities to live in a dignified manner.
- The right to a free and dignified death, as well as the obligation of the institutions involved to guarantee the exercise of this right.
- Free access to the termination of pregnancy before 12 weeks of gestation, and the obligation of health institutions to ensure the care and protection of women who want to exercise it.