Zimbabwe – ‘Address unsafe abortions to reduce maternal deaths’

‘Address unsafe abortions to reduce maternal deaths’

September 24, 2019

THE emotive issue of unsafe abortions which accounts for a fifth of the over 3 000 maternal deaths that occur every year in Zimbabwe should be tackled urgently by all stakeholders with specific reference to the Termination of Pregnancy Act (TOR), which has repeatedly been said to be restrictive.

Addressing legislators at a meeting convened by the Women Action Group (WAG) yesterday, family health director in the Health ministry, Bernard Madzima said although consensus on the matter will not come easily, it was important for all concerned to come up with solutions that would preserve women’s lives.

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Zimbabwe – Make post-abortion pills readily available

Make post-abortion pills readily available

Editorial Comment
21 September 2019

THERE is a glaring shortage of post-abortion pills across Zimbabwe.

Abortion is illegal in the country except in circumstances where the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life, where there is serious risk the child to be born will suffer from a physical or mental defect or when the pregnancy is a result of rape.

More and more women are dying each year from untreated or inadequately treated abortion-related complications.

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