Berkeley professor from Angola talks about the threat to abortion rights—globally

Dr. Ndola Prata: 'When laws get highly punitive, the poor are affected'

MAY 22, 2022

Seeking solace and to be soothed by science amid raging arguments on both sides of the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion indicating a majority of the nine justices intend to overturn Roe v. Wade, I reach out for the voice of a scholar.

Surely, I tell myself, a public health expert who specializes in medical demography, population and family planning, or is a professor of maternal, child and adolescent health would provide a dispassionate, data-driven, fact-based account of the ramifications if the opinion is replicated in the court’s final decision.


USA – Campus researchers find disinformation on medication abortion webpages

Jan 25, 2021

UC Berkeley School of Public Health researchers found that four out of the five most presented webpages in response to “abortion pill” queries on Google were less than 50% accurate, in a study published Thursday.

Of the top five most presented webpages, three were anti-abortion, according to lead researcher and first-year doctoral student Betsy Pleasants. She added that these anti-abortion webpages — American Pregnancy Association, Abortion Pill Rescue and Abortion Procedures — had “very limited” factual and clinical information and are covertly affiliated with religious organizations.