Canada – Graphic roadside anti-abortion signs could be target of stricter sign bylaw

Daryl Newcombe, CTV News London Reporter
 July 29, 2022

London may soon consider broadening its prohibition of graphic anti-abortion images to include their public display on signs, banners and billboards.

Deanna Ronson, a local member of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC), wants city council to prohibit people from displaying images of aborted fetuses along roadways and in other public settings.


Canada – Proposed by-law banning graphic anti-abortion flyers would likely face legal challenge

Published Feb. 23, 2022
London CTV News

City council will soon consider two draft by-laws aimed at stopping the unsolicited distribution of graphic anti-abortion flyers in London, but the pro-life organization behind the campaign is already threatening a legal fight.

Flyers containing images of dead fetuses sparked outrage after they were dropped into many Londoners’ mailboxes in 2020.


Canada – Program that stripped summer job funding for groups opposed to abortion upheld by Federal Court

The judge accepted that there were Charter infringements against the applicants, but the harm was 'minimal'

Adrian Humphreys
Oct 25, 2021 

A legal challenge of the federal government’s denial of summer job funding for groups that oppose abortion has been dismissed by a Federal Court judge.

The Right to Life Association of Toronto and Area, a registered charity, and a student who lost his chance for a summer job working for it, sued the Minister of Employment, claiming the new rules infringed freedoms of expression and religion and targeted groups that oppose the government’s pro-choice policies.


Canada – Politicians, activists trying to stop display and distribution of graphic anti-abortion images

One petition is going to city politicians, another will be presented in the provincial legislature

Kate Dubinski · CBC News
Posted: Oct 26, 2020

A battle in London against graphic abortion images displayed and distributed by a Calgary-based group is being fought on several fronts, including counter-protests and petitions to municipal and provincial politicians.

NDP MPP Terence Kernaghan has one petition on his website, calling for a provincial injunction against the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform (CCBR) and its flyers which show aborted fetuses.