Croatia’s MP candidates oppose the right to abortion even for rape victims

July 06th, 2020
by: Katarina Panić

The right to abortion become one of the top issues during the campaign that precedes the parliamentary election in Croatia, scheduled for July 5. Abortion is legal up to the tenth week in the youngest EU member state. Yet, it is less available because of the cost, the social stigma and medical staff's right to refuse to provide them over the reasons of conscience.

Croatia's Constitutional Court ruled three years ago that abortion cannot be prohibited by law. Now, some rightists offer a solution for that as well – to abolish the Constitutional Court if it guarantees the right to abortion, including even raped women.


Election Campaigners’ Attacks on Abortion Draw Condemnation in Croatia

Election Campaigners’ Attacks on Abortion Draw Condemnation in Croatia
Responding to condemnations of abortion in the election campaign, women’s rights activists and a government minister have called them “unacceptable” and “barbaric”.

Anja Vladisavljevic, Zagreb
June 18, 2020

Strong condemnations of abortion – even when accessed by rape victims – by candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for July 5 have drawn an angry reaction from supporters of women’s right to choose.

In a video debate on Wednesday, organised by the daily Vecernji list, Goran Jandrokovic, from the ruling conservative Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, and the nationalist singer Miroslav Skoro, leader of the new right-wing Homeland Movement, expressed hostile views to all abortions – both agreeing that “life begins with conception”.