7% of US women attempt self-managed abortions, study suggests

Alexandra Thompson
Fri, 18 December 2020

Around 7% of women in the US attempt a “self-managed abortion” at some point in their life, research suggests.

“Increasing evidence” has highlighted the extent of expecting mothers who try to terminate their pregnancy “outside the formal healthcare system”.

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How the pandemic revolutionised abortion access in the UK

Since patients have been allowed to take pills at home to terminate pregnancies, major medical complications have dropped by two-thirds.

15 DECEMBER 2020

When national lockdown was imposed at the end of March, and in-person access to healthcare was limited, the government initially flip-flopped over temporary changes to abortion laws.

Yet from the beginning of April, it approved measures to allow patients within the first ten weeks of pregnancy to take abortion pills at home after a telephone call or e-consultation with a clinician. Previously, these would have been face-to-face appointments.

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Two-child benefit cap influencing women’s decisions on abortion, says BPAS

Charity says policy was important factor in many deciding to terminate pregnancies during the pandemic

Patrick Butler Social policy editor
Thu 3 Dec 2020

The controversial “two-child limit” restricting the amount that larger families can receive in social security benefits was a key factor in many women’s decisions to terminate their pregnancy during the pandemic, according to a leading abortion charity.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) said over half of the women it surveyed who had an abortion during the pandemic, and who were aware of the two-child limit and likely to be affected by it, said the policy was “important in their decision-making around whether or not to continue the pregnancy.”

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Abortion: Wales ‘needs better counselling services’

Abortion: Wales 'needs better counselling

By Alys Davies, BBC News
Oct 12, 2020

A woman who was left alone with no support after having an abortion said the
experience was "traumatic".

Nikita Jain Jones, 31, was told there was a four-month wait for pre-abortion
counselling via her GP as she could not get a face-to-face appointment via the
British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

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Manchester’s teenage conception rate drops 62% in ten years

Manchester's teenage conception rate drops 62% in ten years

16 Jun 2020
By Billy Brake

The latest data supplied by the Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group shows a decrease in 62% teenage conceptions, from 2,562 in 2008 to 978 in 2018.

The decrease shown by the latest figures fits into a national trend observed over the same year period, with teenage pregnancies dropping by 55% across the country.

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Abortions in England and Wales reach record high

Abortions in England and Wales reach record high
Particularly sharp rise among women aged 30-34, but fewer teenagers are having procedure

Denis Campbell, Health policy editor
Published on Thu 11 Jun 2020

A record number of women in England and Wales had an abortion last year, and numbers rose particularly sharply among women aged 30 and over.

A total of 207,384 procedures were carried out, official figures show, the highest number in a year since the historic vote in 1967 to legalise abortion in Britain through the Abortion Act.

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Getting an Abortion During Lockdown Is Easier Than You Think

Getting an Abortion During Lockdown Is Easier Than You Think
New telemedicine services mean that most people in the UK are now able to perform their own abortions at home.

by Beth Ashley
02 June 2020

When lockdown was introduced in the UK, no one could have predicted its scale or impact. Every aspect of normal life has been affected by it – and those seeking an abortion haven’t been exempt, either.

Ellie*, 22, became pregnant in early April. She knew that she didn’t want to continue the pregnancy but was terrified she wouldn’t be able to get a termination due to COVID-19. “There was so much in the news and on social media through March about delayed and cancelled abortions in England,” she told VICE. “People had been campaigning against the [cancellations] all over Twitter. I was terrified about what might happen to me.”

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Amid COVID-19 pandemic, a landmark week for abortion care access in Northern Ireland

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, a landmark week for abortion care access in Northern Ireland

April 11, 2020
Mary McGill

Belfast — After a chaotic week that saw outcry from pro-choice campaigners and abortion providers on both sides of the Irish Sea, Northern Ireland moved to ensure abortion services will be available during the pandemic. In a statement issued to the media on Thursday, April 9, the region’s Department of Health said medical professionals were now permitted to “terminate pregnancies lawfully.” The statement also claimed that the rollout of abortion services, which were meant to have been legally available beginning March 31, had been impacted by the pandemic and “the urgent need to focus resources on preparing the health and social care system for the surge in cases.”

The government’s decision comes after a tumultuous two weeks in which abortion services were supposed to be operational yet remained inaccessible through Northern Ireland’s health service.

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British provider to post abortion pills to ensure Northern Irish women have access during pandemic

British provider to post abortion pills to ensure Northern Irish women have access during pandemic
It said that under Northern Irish law it was only legally permitted to provide abortion for the purpose of preventing grave, permanent injury to the woman's physical or mental health

Amanda Ferguson, Reuters
April 9, 2020

BELFAST — Britain’s leading provider of abortions said it will offer abortion pills to women in Northern Ireland by post to avoid them having to travel to England by ferry now that the coronavirus pandemic has closed air traffic.

Although abortion was decriminalized in Northern Ireland last year, it remains unavailable in the British region after the local health ministry missed an April 1 deadline to begin providing terminations.

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UK – Coronavirus: Home abortions approved during outbreak

Coronavirus: Home abortions approved during outbreak

By Jim Connolly, Newsbeat politics editor
31 March 2020

Patients in England can now have home abortions during the Covid-19 outbreak, the government in England has said.

Abortion policy has changed several times during the current pandemic.

Women and girls wanting to terminate an early pregnancy were first told the service would be available but that decision was then retracted.

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