Abortion: Wales ‘needs better counselling services’

Abortion: Wales 'needs better counselling

By Alys Davies, BBC News
Oct 12, 2020

A woman who was left alone with no support after having an abortion said the
experience was "traumatic".

Nikita Jain Jones, 31, was told there was a four-month wait for pre-abortion
counselling via her GP as she could not get a face-to-face appointment via the
British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

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Anti-abortion activists begin 40-day protest outside clinics across England

'She told me I was a murderer and killing my baby. She then showed me pictures of what it'll look like in a leaflet then said the drugs weren't safe and brought religion into it,' says teenager

Maya Oppenheim, Women’s Correspondent
Sep 23, 2020

Anti-abortion protesters have begun demonstrations outside a dozen abortion clinics across England which will continue for 40 days – risking the health of thousands of women.

40 Days for Life, an American-based anti-abortion group which have stepped up their tactics in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, are known for harassing women who want to have a pregnancy terminated.

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UK – I don’t regret my abortion. But the coronavirus lockdown made it a guilty secret

I got pregnant when I should have been social distancing. So now I can’t tell my friends or family about the termination

Published on Tue 18 Aug 2020

There are two pink lines. Amid the chaos of this spring – the pandemic, lockdown, looming economic crisis – just one thing is certain: I am pregnant.

I am 36 and, strictly speaking, single. Before lockdown, I had secretly started seeing my ex, Jon, again. It wasn’t perfect, but freed us from pressure to define our relationship to anybody. Then lockdown hit. The arts industry in which I work vanished overnight. I was alone in my tiny flat, depressed, desperately missing my work, friends, family … and Jon. I craved the feel of skin. He believed he had already had Covid-19, and we both lived alone, so surely it couldn’t be so bad if we met up?

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UK – Rise in abortions as more than 200 Norfolk women unable to access contraceptive care in lockdown

28 July 2020
Sarah Burgess

Abortion services have seen an increased demand during lockdown as more than 200 women across Norfolk have struggled to access contraceptive care.

The coronavirus pandemic has meant many women’s preferred choice of contraception is unavailable - such as the fitting of long-acting contraception like implants and coils.

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UK – Tears & Trauma: Even Lockdown Didn’t Stop Anti-Abortion Protesters

Tears & Trauma: Even Lockdown Didn’t Stop
Anti-Abortion Protesters

Vicky Spratt
28 June 2020

It’s 8.30am and it’s already warm and muggy. 25 degrees worth of warm and muggy
to be precise. A man is shouting, his words fill the sticky air. He repeated
“every child deserves a birthday” over and over again.

He is holding a large homemade sign. It reads ‘Abortion Murders Babies’ in
large black and red lettering. He’s joined by two more men, they also have
signs. One says ‘THOU SHALL NOT MURDER’, the other declares ‘Babies are
MURDERED here’ above a pixelated image of body parts. Hours pass, they stand together.
The shouting continues. Women rush past, accompanied by friends and family,
trying to avoid them.

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UK – MP seeks to ban demonstrations outside abortion clinics

MP seeks to ban demonstrations outside abortion clinics

Jun 24, 2020

A bill seeking to ban demonstrations outside abortion clinics has been proposed by Labour MP Rupa Huq.

Last year, pro-life protesters lost a legal challenge against the UK's first buffer zone implemented around a clinic in Dr Huq's constituency.

Ealing Council said a 100-metre exclusion zone at the Marie Stopes centre had been put in place after women complained of being intimidated.

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Manchester’s teenage conception rate drops 62% in ten years

Manchester's teenage conception rate drops 62% in ten years

16 Jun 2020
By Billy Brake

The latest data supplied by the Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group shows a decrease in 62% teenage conceptions, from 2,562 in 2008 to 978 in 2018.

The decrease shown by the latest figures fits into a national trend observed over the same year period, with teenage pregnancies dropping by 55% across the country.

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Abortions in England and Wales reach record high

Abortions in England and Wales reach record high
Particularly sharp rise among women aged 30-34, but fewer teenagers are having procedure

Denis Campbell, Health policy editor
Published on Thu 11 Jun 2020

A record number of women in England and Wales had an abortion last year, and numbers rose particularly sharply among women aged 30 and over.

A total of 207,384 procedures were carried out, official figures show, the highest number in a year since the historic vote in 1967 to legalise abortion in Britain through the Abortion Act.

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Getting an Abortion During Lockdown Is Easier Than You Think

Getting an Abortion During Lockdown Is Easier Than You Think
New telemedicine services mean that most people in the UK are now able to perform their own abortions at home.

by Beth Ashley
02 June 2020

When lockdown was introduced in the UK, no one could have predicted its scale or impact. Every aspect of normal life has been affected by it – and those seeking an abortion haven’t been exempt, either.

Ellie*, 22, became pregnant in early April. She knew that she didn’t want to continue the pregnancy but was terrified she wouldn’t be able to get a termination due to COVID-19. “There was so much in the news and on social media through March about delayed and cancelled abortions in England,” she told VICE. “People had been campaigning against the [cancellations] all over Twitter. I was terrified about what might happen to me.”

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MPs bring bill to ban late abortions for cleft lip, cleft palate and clubfoot

MPs bring bill to ban late abortions for cleft lip, cleft palate and clubfoot
Cross-party group proposes ending UK abortions after 24 weeks for minor disabilities

Amelia Hill
Published on Thu 28 May 2020

A cross-party group of MPs are seeking to change Britain’s abortion laws to ban late terminations that are carried out on the grounds of minor physical abnormalities.

The abortion (cleft lip, cleft palate and clubfoot) bill, which is led by the Conservative MP Fiona Bruce and supported by 13 MPs, will be presented in parliament on 3 June.

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