USA – Fetal Personhood Is Maternal Punishment

Fetal Personhood Is Maternal Punishment
When society values the life of a fetus over that of a living person, women pay the steepest price.

By Katha Pollitt
Dec 2, 2019

We often talk about abortion as if it’s a thing unto itself. If we connect it to anything, it’s usually to sex education, contraception, and other contested ways of preventing unwanted births.

What gets much less attention is the removal of everyday rights from willingly pregnant women. For opponents of abortion, who grant personhood to fertilized eggs, embryos, and fetuses, it’s not a stretch to go from saying “You have to have that baby” to “You have to produce a healthy baby, therefore your wishes, needs, and constitutional rights are of no account.” Moreover, if anything goes wrong, they’re going to assume it’s your fault alone.


10 Shocking Facts You Need to Know About America’s Maternal Mortality Crisis

10 Shocking Facts You Need to Know About America's Maternal Mortality Crisis

Thursday August 29, 2019

Over the past two decades, every wealthy nation saw significant drops in maternal mortality—except for the United States. As maternal mortality dropped in European nations, it nearly doubled in the United States. In 2015, 25 women per 100,000 died giving birth in the U.S. In Finland, Greece, and several other countries, the rate is 3 per 100,000.

Despite these stunning numbers, maternal mortality has received very little attention until recently. For two decades, American women have died of mostly preventable causes as public health agencies, the media, and health institutions sat passively by.