University of Saskatchewan medical school backs off controversial volunteer placement

By The Canadian Press
Fri., July 23, 2021

SASKATOON - After months of student advocacy, the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine has backed off a plan to ask its students to volunteer at the Saskatoon Pregnancy Options Centre.

The centre is not a clinic and has no medical or health-care professionals on staff, requires all staff and volunteers to “profess a belief in Jesus Christ” and encourages pregnant clients to “choose the gift of life,” says its website.


Canada – U of S faces backlash for non-medical placements at pregnancy centre that encourages ‘gift of life’

U of S says placement options are 'not an endorsement of any organization'

Yasmine Ghania · CBC News
Posted: Jul 06, 2021

The University of Saskatchewan college of medicine is receiving backlash for offering medical students the choice to do a placement at the Saskatoon Pregnancy Options Centre (SPOC) — an organization that says it hopes "clients will choose the gift of life."

The non-medical placement is part of the community and workplace centred
learning experience module in a second-year class titled "Medicine in