Abortion in Mexico: Fight for rights just beginning, women say

By Will Grant, BBC Mexico correspondent
Oct 23, 2021

Few customers who get into Paulina Ramírez's taxi know her awful story. But 20 years ago, the so-called Paulina Case made headlines around the world, her name synonymous with Mexico's strict rules and attitudes on abortion.

In 1999, aged 13, Paulina was raped and was left pregnant by a man who broke into her family's home. Following the brutal attack, she sought an abortion, fully legal in Mexico in cases of rape. However, Paulina was harangued by conservative doctors, state officials and priests who put up constant obstacles to stop her from terminating the pregnancy.

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Brazil – Legal and safe abortion is not a matter of religion, but of public health

October 1, 2021
by Jenni Smith

Policies to protect women in Brazil continue to be irresponsible, which has generated deaths, diverse violence and deepened inequalities in the country.

Last Tuesday (28), the Global Day for Safe Abortion took place. The date was celebrated by our Chilean neighbors with the approval by the Chamber of Deputies of the decriminalization of abortion until the 14th week, a project that goes to vote in the other legislative house.

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San Marino legalizes abortion while Pope, women’s groups disagree

The Associated Press
Monday, September 27, 2021

SAN MARINO -- Pope Francis repeated Monday that abortion is "murder," a day after the tiny republic of San Marino became the latest Catholic state to legalize the procedure, much to the cheers of women's rights groups.

An overwhelming majority -- 77 per cent of the 14,384 votes cast Sunday in the microstate surrounded by Italy -- favoured making abortion legal in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion would also be legal beyond that if the woman's life is in danger or if her physical or psychological health is at risk because of fetal anomalies or malformations.

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San Marino referendum ends with 77% voting to end abortion ban

Over 40% of residents of landlocked state in central Italy voted to end total ban in place since 1865

Angela Giuffrida in Rome
Sun 26 Sep 2021

Residents in San Marino have voted overwhelmingly to legalise abortion.

Over 40% of the population of about 33,000 in the tiny state, which is landlocked within central Italy, participated in the referendum, with 77.3% voting in support of allowing abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, according to results published by San Marino TV.

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Across Latin America, abortion restrictions are being loosened

SEP. 12, 2021

MEXICO CITY — A historic ruling by Mexico’s Supreme Court last week is the latest in a series of victories for abortion rights advocates in Latin America, a largely Roman Catholic region that has long had some of the world’s most restrictive laws against the procedure.

The vast majority of women in the region still lack access to legal abortions, but restrictions have now been lifted or relaxed over the last 15 years in at least half a dozen countries.

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Abortion Is No Longer a Crime in Mexico. But Most Women Still Can’t Get One

The Supreme Court’s decision set a legal precedent for the nation. But applying it to all of Mexico’s states will be a long path, and women are still facing prosecution.

By Natalie Kitroeff and Oscar Lopez
Sept. 8, 2021

MEXICO CITY — When the Supreme Court in Mexico issued a historic decision on Tuesday declaring that having an abortion was not a crime, activists across the country celebrated. On Wednesday, they got back to work, taking on the long and arduous process of ensuring that the legal shift applies across Mexico.

Among their top priorities are helping the women who need it most: those facing criminal penalties, often after having been reported to the authorities for trying to induce an abortion themselves under dangerous conditions.

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The mental health cost of Poland’s abortion ban

Seven months after severe restrictions against abortion came into effect, women are struggling with the emotional toll of the near-total ban.

by Ylenia Gostoli
22 Aug 2021

When Dominika Biernat took to the streets last October, joining the huge public protests against Poland’s near-total ban on abortion, little did she know that in a few months she would become one of its victims.

A single woman and a successful actress with
one of Warsaw’s most renowned theatre companies, her pregnancy was not planned.
But the father was a good friend and when she found out, the 39-year-old
thought it could be one of her last chances to become a mother.

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Decrying ‘evil’ of abortion, L.A. archbishop became public face of plan that could deny Biden Communion

Los Angeles Times

AUG. 9, 2021

“Brothers,” Los Angeles Archbishop José H. Gómez addressed his colleagues,
“before we come to the end of our meeting, I have an announcement to make.”

It was the middle of November, two weeks after Joseph R. Biden Jr. was elected
president, marking only the second time that a Roman Catholic was headed to the
White House. And the U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops had gathered virtually
for a meeting amid a growing push by conservative bishops to withhold one of
Christianity’s holiest rites from the man about to occupy the Oval Office.

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Momentous revolution of women’s rights in Ecuador: An unceasing strive for liberation of abortion laws

Varshunn Bhan Miskeen & Aditya Pandey
August 7, 2021

With the Constitutional Court of Ecuador passing the verdict of decriminalizing abortion in all instances of rape, Ecuador has joined the group of countries who have decriminalized abortion in selective cases. The passing of this verdict has allowed the Ecuadorian women who had been raped and wanted abortion, to no longer be penalised for their actions. The judges of the Ecuador Constitutional Court had decriminalized the two articles with the ratio of 7 against 2 in favour of the verdict. Before, the law only allowed for this procedure only in the instance of critical risk to woman’s health or if a raped woman had a mental disability. Abortion under the two selective conditions has been legal since 1938.

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Poles becoming more socially liberal, with growing support for LGBT rights and abortion: poll

AUG 6, 2021

Poles are becoming more socially liberal and opposed to the privileged status the Catholic church enjoys in relations with the state, according to the latest findings from long-term polling by CBOS, a state research agency.

Support for legal access to abortion has reached 41% – a rise of 12 percentage points since 2019 and the highest figure since 1999. By contrast, 29% favour the legal prohibition of abortion, down 10 percentage points since two years ago, reports the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

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