Accessing an abortion in Australia just got a bit easier

By Frances Vinall
July 7, 2022

SYDNEY — Access to abortion became easier in Australia on Thursday as decriminalization took effect in South Australia state, part of a wave of liberalization that contrasts with recent moves in the United States.

For the most part, abortion is not the subject of polarizing national debate Down Under, as it often is in American politics. But the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade shocked many Australians, leading thousands to attend rallies in support of abortion rights.


Australia – With closure of Marie Stopes clinics, regional women seeking an abortion will now find it even tougher

By Lily Nothling
Aug 29, 2021

When Zoe Eaton fell pregnant during high school, she knew she wanted an abortion, but getting one didn't come without hurdles.

"I didn't expect that I was going to be pregnant at 17. It was not something I wanted for myself," Ms Eaton said. "To me, my future looked pretty bleak if I had to go through with that pregnancy."


Key abortion provider Marie Stopes closes regional clinics in Queensland, NSW

Abortion counsellors concerned shutdowns more heavily impact vulnerable women in Queensland communities

Ben Smee
Fri 18 Jun 2021

Family planning organisation Marie Stopes Australia says its regional abortion clinics are “no longer financially viable” and will close next month, prompting concerns some women in regional Queensland could have to travel more than 2000km to access services.

Marie Stopes operates the only private clinics offering surgical abortions north of the Sunshine Coast – in Rockhampton and Townsville. The non-profit organisation will also close clinics on the Gold Coast and in Newcastle, New South Wales.


Australia – Meet Jo Bolger, the abortion doula who helps people through pregnancy terminations

ABC Sunshine Coast / By Edwina Storie
May 31, 2021

Jo Bolger is Australia's first abortion doula — a grandma, a mother of three, and one of those people who brims with warmth.

An abortion doula provides non-medical support, whether it be emotional, physical or informational, through a termination of pregnancy.


Nigeria – Family Planning: Benefits Of Pregnancy, Child Birth By Choice

May 1, 2021

Recently, Austine Ohenhen, a man who fled his home in
Benin, Edo State, on hearing that his wife, Rita, had given birth to a set of
quadruplets blamed the current economic situation in the country for his

Austin and his wife, Rita already had five children before the arrival of the
quadruplets. The former engineer now turned farmer told the media that he did
not have the money to take up the huge additional responsibilities the birth of
the new babies would put on him.


Queensland’s abortion law change improved access but ‘postcode lottery’ remains

Queensland's abortion law change improved access but 'postcode lottery' remains
Decriminalisation’s effect has varied across the state, but overall it has been judged ‘good news’

Ben Smee
Mon 5 Aug 2019

Seven months after the state voted to decriminalise abortion, there remains a “postcode lottery” in Queensland for women attempting to access termination services, but overall the effect is being seen as positive.

As New South Wales prepares to vote this week on a decriminalisation bill, the last Australian state to do so, doctors and support services in Queensland say access has improved in many places but demand for services has not increased.


Protesters banned from Queensland abortion clinics from today

Protesters banned from Queensland abortion clinics from today

By Felicity Caldwell
3 December 2018

Queensland women seeking a pregnancy termination will be shielded from protesters from Monday, as abortion law reform comes into effect.

From Monday, abortion will no longer be a crime and women will be able to have a termination on request up to 22 weeks, or after that gestation with consent from two doctors.


Queensland parliament votes to legalise abortion

Queensland parliament votes to legalise abortion
Abortion will become legal until 22 weeks gestation, and thereafter with the approval of two doctors

Ben Smee
Wed 17 Oct 2018

Abortion will become legal in Queensland, after the state’s parliament voted to support new legislation and erase a 119-year-old “morality” section of the state’s criminal code.

Loud cheers in the legislative assembly chamber at 7.42pm on Wednesday brought to an end a 50-year struggle by women’s groups in a state once notorious for its conservatism.


Threats of reprisals against Queensland MPs who voted to legalise abortio

Threats of reprisals against Queensland MPs who voted to legalise abortion

By Allyson Horn
Oct 17, 2018

Pro-life groups have threatened MPs who voted to remove abortion from Queensland's criminal code, vowing to remove them from office.

MPs were given a conscience vote in Parliament and voted 50 to 41 to reform the 19th century laws.


Abortion Debate in Australia Has a New Element: Women in Power

Abortion Debate in Australia Has a New Element: Women in Power

By Rick Rojas
Oct. 15, 2018

BRISBANE, Australia — Activists in the Australian state of Queensland have tried for decades to scrap a criminal code from 1899 that makes having an abortion an offense punishable with prison time, and for decades their efforts have failed.

But as the state Parliament again considers whether to decriminalize abortion, advocates say this time may be different: Women will be leading the debate.