Anti-Abortion Groups Quietly Installed Activists Into Top Positions Inside the Conservative Party of Canada

Nearly 40% of the Conservative Party of Canada's newly elected National Council members were endorsed by anti-abortion groups

by PressProgress
March 22, 2021

Anti-abortion groups are declaring victory after securing at least seven of 18 top spots on the Conservative Party of Canada’s powerful National Council.

The National Council has powers set-out in the Conservative Party’s constitution controlling the party’s budget, creating party bylaws and, importantly, setting rules for local nomination races and candidate selection.


Canada – Abortion issue is off the table as Conservatives launch pre-election policy convention

'I think our voice is being suppressed,' says spokesperson for anti-abortion group Campaign Life Coalition

John Paul Tasker · CBC News
Posted: Mar 18, 2021

Conservative party delegates from across the country begin a three-day virtual policy convention today — likely their last before the next federal election. But some of the most contentious social issues won't be up for debate.

A larger list of policy proposals was narrowed down by electoral district associations (EDAs) to a relatively concise 23-page booklet earlier this month.


A social conservative group plans to force the Conservative party to change its position on abortion. Here’s how

By Alex Boutilier, The Star, Ottawa Bureau
Mon., March 8, 2021

OTTAWA—An anti-abortion group is planning an end-run around federal Conservative brass to force a vote on the party’s abortion stance.

In an email to supporters, Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) — an influential social conservative group — said it hoped to push the party to abandon its pledge that a Conservative government would not support a law regulating access to abortion.


Canada – Abortion is constitutional right and, unfortunately, an election issue

Abortion is constitutional right and, unfortunately, an election issue

Jennifer Taylor argues Canadians can’t trust the Tory leader on his promise to avert the anti-abortion movement
Abortion is constitutional right and, unfortunately, an election issue

By Jennifer Taylor
OPINION 23 Sep 2019

It’s been 50 years since abortion was partly decriminalized in Canada, and 31 years since R v Morgentaler, the Supreme Court of Canada decision that struck down the remaining Criminal Code restrictions. Surely, in 2019, Canadians have accepted that there is a constitutional right to abortion access in this country, and abortion is a publicly funded health care service – not a subject for debate. We’ve moved on. Right?

Unfortunately, not.


Leader of Canada’s opposition party distances self from anti-abortion comment

Leader of Canada's opposition party distances self from anti-abortion comment

September 12, 2019
David Ljunggren

OTTAWA (Reuters) - The leader of Canada’s main opposition Conservative Party on Thursday distanced himself from comments by a candidate opposing abortion, which could hurt his chances with women voters in an Oct. 21 election.

Andrew Scheer, trying to defeat Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, insisted he had no plans to reopen the abortion debate if he won the election.


Why social issues are a hot topic in Canada’s autumn election

Why social issues are a hot topic in Canada's autumn election
Social issues like gay marriage and abortion have taken centre stage in the lead up to Canada's autumn election, as the Liberal Party tries to convince voters that the Conservatives want to backtrack on LGBTQ and abortion rights.

30 August 2019

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party has fired an early salvo against Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer, and his past record on gay marriage and abortion.

But whether it will wound his primary opponent remains to be seen.

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Canada’s marginal ‘Christian right’

Canada’s marginal ‘Christian right’

August 11, 2019
Jonathan Malloy

The political power of the American Christian right naturally leads to interest and speculation about the influence of similar groups in Canada. But social conservatives and evangelical Christians are a marginal force in Canadian politics, even in the Conservative party. And research finds their dynamics here are quite different than in the United States.

Is there a Canadian Christian right at all? Yes and no.


How Canada’s growing anti-abortion movement plans to swing the next federal election

How Canada’s growing anti-abortion movement plans to swing the next federal election
Anti-abortion lobbyists cheered Ontario’s election as evidence of success. Next up: an ambitious strategy for 2019.

Anne Kingston
Sep 12, 2018

When Doug Ford, newly minted as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, took the stage at the party’s leadership convention last March, he conspicuously thanked one person standing behind him: Tanya Granic Allen, an outspoken social conservative and leadership hopeful. Ford spoke of his intent “to return our province to where it belongs” before making a show of shaking Granic Allen’s hand. It was a small gesture with big import that would have been missed by many: Ford’s debt to “socons” and, specifically, the anti-abortion lobby that enabled his win.

Granic Allen was the top choice of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), a national group that works to nominate and elect candidates who oppose abortion at all levels of government, CLC vice-president Jeff Gunnarson tells Maclean’s.


Canada: Scheer’s election as Conservative leader cheered by anti-abortion groups

Scheer’s election as Conservative leader cheered by anti-abortion groups
Groups say they sold as many as 18,000 party memberships hoping to affect the outcome of the leadership race and grow the social conservative wing of the party.

By Tonda MacCharles
Ottawa Bureau reporter
Mon., May 29, 2017

OTTAWA—The election of Andrew Scheer, an avowedly anti-abortion Conservative Party leader, has cheered and emboldened anti-abortion groups who say his victory shows the growing strength of the social conservative wing of the party.

“This is what happens when pro-lifers do politics right,” said Scott Hayward, co-founder of RightNow, on his Facebook page.

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Canada: The CPC’s bringing back the abortion debate — bet on it

The CPC's bringing back the abortion debate — bet on it
iPolitics Insights
Scheer can’t stop it — and it’s going to cripple the party in 2019

Michael Harris
Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Justin Trudeau must have slept like a baby last night. 2019 is no longer the year of living dangerously as far as the Conservative threat to his regency is concerned.

Not only did the social conservatives retain control of the Harper Party, but in Andrew Scheer, the former PM (still thought to be a behind-the-scenes puppet-master by some) likely got the candidate he wanted. At the very least, he did not get an uppity progressive like Michael Chong — who defied him in the days of Harper’s flat-out authoritarianism — or the weak tea of an Erin O’Toole.