How will laws against abortion be enforced? Other countries offer chilling examples

In Argentina, midwives were prosecuted. In Brazil, clinics were raided. In Rwanda, hundreds of women went to jail

MAY 25, 2022

Within the next month it is very likely the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade and eliminate the federal constitutional right to an abortion. When that happens, dormant trigger laws in many states will immediately go into effect and abortion will become a crime. Because abortion will be regulated at the state level, enforcement and penalties will vary greatly. Kentucky, South Dakota, North Dakota, Tennessee, South Carolina and Missouri are just some of the states that would make providing an abortion a felony, with penalties including jail time up to 20 years. Other states, too impatient to wait for the court decision, have already moved to increase penalties for either having or providing an abortion. Louisiana attempted to classify abortion as a homicide, although lawmakers there have since walked back the effort. Texas is uniquely punitive, criminalizing abortion after six weeks and incentivizing enforcement through the private sector by offering bounties of $10,000 cash to deputized ordinary citizens who can sue anyone involved in providing an abortion.


USA – In Some States, You Can Still Be Criminally Prosecuted for Ending Your Own Pregnancy

In Some States, You Can Still Be Criminally Prosecuted for Ending Your Own Pregnancy
And Jill Adams is determined to change that.

By Kathi Valeii
Jul 24, 2018

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s announcement of his impending retirement in June immediately changed the conversation surrounding reproductive justice. The question of "if Roe is reversed" has turned to "when Roe is reversed." People are scared — and rightfully so — about what options they will have once the protections of Roe are gone.

But even before Trump was elected and began appointing ultra-conservative Supreme Court justices, the Self Induced Abortion (SIA) Legal Team was doing work to increase protections for self-managed abortion. The lawyer-led organization was formed in response to the criminalization of people who end their own pregnancies.


USA: Health of pregnant women being jeopardized by punitive laws

USA Health of pregnant women being jeopardized by punitive laws
23 May 2017

A set of US laws which claim to promote maternal and infant health are in fact driving pregnant women away from vital health services, jeopardizing their wellbeing and violating their right to health, according to a new report published by Amnesty International today.

Criminalizing Pregnancy: Policing Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs in the USA, highlights the impact of pregnancy criminalization laws, especially those which are used to arrest and prosecute women who use drugs based on a belief that they are harming their fetuses. Fear of these laws is deterring pregnant women from accessing healthcare, prenatal care and even drug treatment.

“Across the USA, the heavy-handed policing of pregnant women’s behaviour is shattering patient trust in health services with devastating consequences. These laws put pregnant women in a double bind, forcing them to choose between risking their health and risking punishment,” said Carrie Eisert, Policy Adviser at Amnesty International, who authored the report.

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