Canada – New Conservative MP Lewis to fight Liberal plan to axe charity status for anti-abortion pregnancy centres

Stephanie Taylor, The Canadian Press

Thursday, November 25, 2021

OTTAWA -- Leslyn Lewis, in one of her first acts as an MP
on Parliament Hill, says she plans on inviting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to
a pregnancy centre that risks losing its charity status over opposing abortion.

The newly elected Ontario representative revealed her
plans to a recent crowd of demonstrators who gathered in Ottawa to rally
against the Liberal government's promise to remove charity status for
anti-abortion organizations.


Canada – No, For Real: Is Abortion *Actually* An Election Issue?

Courtney Shea
Sept 17, 2021

If you caught any of the leaders debates, you may have seen Justin Trudeau call out Erin O’Toole for his lack of support for abortion. The Libs, along with numerous reproductive rights organizations, have questioned whether the Conservative Party of Canada leader’s recent “pro-choice” proclamations are legit. On the flip side, critics of the current PM say this particular abortion conversation is a giant nothing burger, and wonder why Trudeau only wants to talk about the right to choose during election cycles. Given everything going on in Texas (where they effectively banned abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy), it’s no wonder that Canadian voters are feeling anxious (and confused) in the lead up to the election.


Canada – Nope, Erin O’Toole is still not pro-choice

Joyce Arthur
September 14, 2021

The abortion issue is still the "stinking albatross" around the neck of the Conservative Party leader, because about 81 per cent of Conservative incumbents running in the federal election have been designated as anti-choice by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. That includes the party leader himself, Erin O'Toole.

As I wrote one year ago, Erin O'Toole is not pro-choice. In 2016, he voted in favour of private member Bill C-225 that would have given legal personhood to fetuses, in the context of pregnant people being attacked.


Canada – Liberals look to push abortion as election wedge issue despite O’Toole’s pro-choice stance

Abortion is one of the key political issues where the Liberals want to distinguish themselves from the Conservatives

Anja Karadeglija
Sep 01, 2021

The Liberals are pledging to update the Canada Health Act to regulate access to abortion services across the country and to use federal health transfers as leverage to ensure provinces abide by the new rules.

The new regulations would mean “there is no question, that no matter where someone lives, that they have access to publicly available sexual and reproductive health services,” states the party’s election platform, released Wednesday.


Canada – Erin O’Toole’s abortion stance serves neither physicians nor women

August 30, 2021
the Conversation

Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole recently found himself at the centre of the abortion debate as he hit the campaign trail in advance of the federal election on Sept. 20.

The controversy arose when he stated he was pro-choice while simultaneously claiming that he supported the rights of physicians to deny abortions on the basis of conscience.


Canada – I’m pro-choice,’ O’Toole says as abortion issue emerges on the campaign trail

The Liberals are raising questions about 'conscience rights' in the Conservative platform

John Paul Tasker · CBC News
Posted: Aug 19, 2021

Pushing back against Liberal claims that he's just "pretending" to support a woman's right to choose, Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole said today he's pro-choice and a government led by him would make sure abortion services are available nationwide.

O'Toole has been clear that women should be allowed to safely end pregnancies — a position that has drawn the ire of some socially conservative members of his party. His predecessor, Andrew Scheer, described himself as "pro life."


Why Can Canadian Doctors Still Deny Access To Abortion—And Other Healthcare?

The practice of conscientious objection means doctors can refuse or deflect requests for a variety of services, including abortion—and in many provinces, they're not even obligated to provide a referral.

Tracey Lindeman
Updated July 22, 2021

Chantal had already performed all the mental gymnastics.

About eight years ago, the then-23-year-old woman from southern Alberta had accidentally become pregnant, and weighed her options. She settled on having an abortion, the best choice for her in that moment of her life. She booked an appointment with her doctor, one of only a small handful in her community, to request a referral—a requirement in Alberta then. When the time came to meet, she sat in his office and laid her cards out.


House of Commons defeats bill to ban sex-selective abortion, but two thirds of Conservatives vote in favour

Brian Platt · Postmedia News
June 3, 2021

OTTAWA — A private member’s bill from a Conservative MP to ban sex-selection abortions was voted down in the House of Commons on Wednesday by a margin of 248 to 82, but about two thirds of the Conservative caucus voted in favour of it.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole voted against the bill, but 81 of 119 Conservative MPs voted in favour. The only other “yes” vote was from independent MP Derek Sloan, the former Conservative leadership candidate who was ejected from the caucus in January.


Tory MP’s bill to ban sex-selective abortion is the stinking albatross Erin O’Toole was warned about

Konrad Yakabuski, Globe & Mail

clockwork, the Tory-stalking species known as the stinking albatross returns to
Canada each election season after wintering in warmer climes where the culture
wars occur year-round.

Leader Erin O’Toole was hounded this week by journalists seeking his reaction
to a private member’s bill tabled by one of his MPs that would ban
sex-selective abortions. It did not go well, to the delight of Liberal
strategists and horror of Tory ones who fear Mr. O’Toole may have to campaign
with the same smelly bird around his neck that made Andrew Scheer’s 2019
election campaign such a stinker.


Canada – Abortion issue is off the table as Conservatives launch pre-election policy convention

'I think our voice is being suppressed,' says spokesperson for anti-abortion group Campaign Life Coalition

John Paul Tasker · CBC News
Posted: Mar 18, 2021

Conservative party delegates from across the country begin a three-day virtual policy convention today — likely their last before the next federal election. But some of the most contentious social issues won't be up for debate.

A larger list of policy proposals was narrowed down by electoral district associations (EDAs) to a relatively concise 23-page booklet earlier this month.