Days of desperation: the diary of a woman forced to flee Texas for an abortion

Lauren Miller’s fetus had fatal brain abnormalities. Her pregnancy threatened her life, and that of her twin boy. Now, she is one of 15 women suing the state

by Lauren Miller, with introduction by Poppy Noor
Mon 19 Jun 2023

Below is the journal of Lauren Miller, 36, a Texan who unexpectedly found herself needing abortion care shortly after Roe v Wade was overturned one year ago. When she first started writing the diary, Miller had no idea of the obstacles she was about to face. Now, she is suing the state of Texas with the Center for Reproductive Rights alongside 14 other plaintiffs for being denied access to life-saving abortion care.

Miller came to the Guardian wanting to publish the journal – a real-time diary of the twists and turns of going from discovering a very wanted pregnancy, to navigating the need for a termination in a state where abortion is now banned. It has been edited and condensed.