40 Journalists Across Cameroon Schooled on Reprodcutive Rights Reporting

Published on 30.09.2022
Nana Kamsu Kom

A two days workshop on Sexual Reproductive Health Reporting was held in Yaounde from September 28th to 29th 2022. An initiative spearheaded by Sisterspeak237 and  the Canadian Embassy.

Reporting on sensitive topics like female health reproduction has being a hard task for many journalists over the years. That was the backbone of a workshop on Sexual Reproductive Health Reporting which aimed at creating a bond and possible collaboration between journalists and Doctors. The Society of Gynecologist and Obstetricians Cameroon, SOGOC, engages into a 6 months project of intense collaboration with journalists ; to facilitate access to information.

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International Safe Abortion Day 2022: West African health workers show their support

27 September 2022
Aude Langlois, Digital Communications Coordinator

To mark International Safe Abortion Day (ISAD) 2022, FIGO interviewed member societies who have partnered with us to implement the Advocating for Safe Abortion Project. They shared details of their ISAD activities and why it is important for health care professionals to advocate for access to safe abortion care.

Celebrating ISAD 2022: activities in West Africa
West African member societies are utilising ISAD to strengthen awareness on the right of women and girls to access safe and legal abortion care in their countries. They are engaging relevant stakeholders such as health care providers, local authorities and relevant civil society organisation through educational campaigns.

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Global reproductive and women’s rights groups react to overturn of Roe v. Wade

June 24, 2022
Malaka Gharib

How will the overturn of Roe v. Wade affect abortion rights and access outside the U.S.?

Groups that are opposed to abortion have welcomed the decision, including the Family Resource Council, which has called it "a major victory for life." But many global reproductive and women's rights groups are condemning the decision and warn that the U.S. overturning of the constitutional right to abortion will have far-reaching effects around the globe. Here's a sampling of reactions:


Standing strong: youth health workers from Benin share lessons from sexual and reproductive health and rights workshop

28 April 2022
FIGO Advocating for Safe Abortion Project

From 9–11 March 2022, in Cotonou, Benin, FIGO’s Advocating for Safe Abortion Project worked with the National College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Benin (CNGOB) to organise a capacity building workshop for their counterparts visiting from Mali alongside the Youth Health Workers for Safe Abortion (YHW4SA) – a Beninese network of young pro-choice health professionals set-up in 2021 by CNGOB.  

The group attending the workshop was made up of 15 members of the YHW4SA network and five members of the Malian Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (SOMAGO).  

The aim was to share knowledge and tools on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and on best practice to discuss abortion, in order to enable participants to address abortion stigma and strengthen access to safe abortion in their workplaces and wider communities.  

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The shade of the baobab is no more — sleep well, beloved Prof Eddie Ronald Mhlanga

By Tlaleng Mofokeng
10 Feb 2022

There has been an outpouring of tributes and messages of gratitude from across the world and from the many colleagues and communities in South Africa and abroad for Professor Eddie Mhlanga’s life. He was a man of the people. Like a baobab tree, he offered shade from our harsh realities and rooted us in something way bigger than ourselves.

I experienced a deep loss on 5 February 2022,
when Professor Eddie Mhlanga, a friend, mentor and teacher, passed away. This
deep loss is felt by so many people: his family, whom we pray for, the medical
community and many patients who have interacted with him. I have had the
privilege of listening to him as a teacher, being comforted by him as a mentor
and laughing with him as a friend for many years.

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Looking back on the successes of the International Safe Abortion Day 2021

10 December 2021
FIGO Advocating for Safe Abortion Project

For International Safe Abortion Day (ISAD), marked on 28 September, the 10 national member societies FIGO supports through its Advocating for Safe Abortion Project developed educational activities and awareness-raising campaigns in their countries and communities.

“International Safe Abortion Day is about making what is often ignored – the preventable pandemic of unsafe abortions -  visible. As a committed health care community we come together to demonstrate what solutions must be implemented. Together with our partners, we raise our voices to dismantle abortion-related stigma which is the enemy of women/girls’ right to claim access to safe abortion – time-sensitive essential health care.  This year from Latin America to Africa we are proud to share the efforts of our OBGYN member societies, and all that they are doing to stand up for women/girls’ health care and human rights.”
– Jessica Morris, Senior Project Manager, Advocating for Safe Abortion Project, FIGO

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Protecting and promoting SRHR of adolescents and young adults

20 October 2021
FIGO, Committee for Contraception and Family Planning

Early and unintended pregnancies put at risk the health and lives of young women and girls. Around the world, complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death and the third highest cause of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) lost for 15–19-year-old girls. Pregnant adolescents also face a higher risk of severe conditions such as eclampsia than women aged 20 to 24 years.

A health care conversation with a young person is incomplete if it does not mention sexual health, including safe, consensual, pleasurable sex, contraception and infection prevention. Yet despite this, so many young women and girls do not have access to the education or information they need to make safe and informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, including on abortions.

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International Safe Abortion Day 2021: FIGO launches key recommendations on safe abortion

28 September 2021
FIGO Advocating for Safe Abortion Project

28 September marks International Safe Abortion Day. For this year’s international day of action, stakeholders around the world are coming together behind the call “Make Unsafe Abortion History”. FIGO is proud to release four statements from our Safe Abortion Committee, re-iterating our commitment to sexual and reproductive rights and joining the call for legal and safe abortion for all women and girls.

Access to safe abortion is time-sensitive essential health care. It is included in numerous international, regional and national legally binding treaties – providing access to safe abortion is imperative for women and girls to achieve their human and reproductive rights.

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Using music as a tool to fight against maternal and child mortality in Mozambique

10 September 2021
Eunice Themba, AMOG

The Associação Moçambicana de Obstetras e Ginecologistas (AMOG) recently worked with musicians in Mozambique to release a song on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), with a focus on access to safe abortion. As part of an awareness-raising campaign, AMOG organised an event for adolescents at Josina Machel Secondary School with musicians Yolanda Kakana from Banda Kakana, and Sistah Áfrika.

Using music to raise awareness of the right to safe abortion
Art, in general, and music, in particular, can – and should – contribute to the fight against maternal and child mortality. Yolanda Kakana and Sistah Áfrika wrote the song “Dura Realidade” (Hard Reality), which tells the story of a girl who intends to end an unwanted pregnancy, to raise awareness of this issue in Mozambique.

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From ‘Conscientious Objection’ to ‘Conscientiously Committed’ – How OBGYNS can advocate for bodily autonomy in access to safe abortion

1 September 2021
FIGO - Advocating for Safe Abortion Project, Committee on Safe Abortion

In this FIGO Long Read, we provide a round-up of a recent roundtable discussion hosted by FIGO's Advocating for Safe Abortion Project (ASAP) and Committee on Safe Abortion. Together with partners, we explored the critical issue of conscientious objection and its impact on the availability of and access to legal and safe abortion services.

Quote by Laura Gil: Sadly ‘conscientious objection’ has become a widespread  barrier for many people to access the care that they need.   It is very common to hear that women or girls cannot get an abortion on time, got an unsafe abortion, or didn't get  one at all because of ‘conscientious objection‘ from  the available personnel.

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