Abortion rights drove American expats to vote in midterms, say Democrats in Canada

Stephanie Taylor, The Canadian Press
Nov 9, 2022

OTTAWA — A representative for Democrats Abroad says concern over the right to abortion was a motivating factor for those living outside the United States to vote in the country's midterm elections Tuesday.

Dianna English, who leads the Toronto chapter of the organization, says many people she spoke to were in "disbelief" that outlawing access to abortion was put back on the table this year.

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Canadian government urged to fast-track promise to tackle anti-abortionists

Trudeau’s party is accused of going silent on vow to strip charity status from groups that ‘deceive’ pregnant people

Annie Burns-Pieper, OpenDemocracy
2 August 2022

The Canadian government has been urged to finally fulfill its promise of ending charitable status for anti-abortion organisations accused of deceiving pregnant people by masquerading as ‘health centres’.

During its 2021 election campaign, the Liberal Party vowed to target groups “that provide dishonest counselling to women about their rights and about the options available to them at all stages of the pregnancy”.

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Canada – Liberals urged to fulfill promise to cease funding to anti-abortion groups

Carly Weeks, Globe & Mail
July 11, 2022

Abortion rights advocacy groups are calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to defend reproductive rights in Canada by denying anti-abortion groups funding and revoking their charity status.

Dozens of crisis pregnancy centres and other anti-abortion groups received federal COVID-19 relief funds and continue to have tax exempt charity status. Mr. Trudeau has been highly critical of crisis pregnancy centres and has promised to revoke their charity status.

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Faith and Access: The Conflict Inside Catholic Hospitals

Why should publicly funded hospitals get to limit access on religious grounds?

Feb. 23, 2022 / MARCH-APRIL 2022 issue, Walrus Magazine

IN THE FALL OF 2020, Susan Camm was among a small group of employees touring a brand new seventeen-storey tower at St. Michael’s Hospital, in downtown Toronto. She liked the large single-patient rooms—a hallmark of modern hospital design—and the big windows that filled the space with sunshine. But something caught her eye: a brass crucifix on the wall. “I had an almost visceral reaction,” she recalls.

Camm, who was then a clinical manager at the hospital, had come across crucifixes at St. Michael’s before. But most had been taken down over the years. What shocked her is that the Christian symbols were in brand new rooms. This wasn’t a decision someone had made decades ago; it was one made in 2020. Later, when she had the chance to enter a patient room alone, she dragged a stool over to the crucifix, stood up, and tried to pull the figure off the wall. Unlike the ones in older rooms, it wasn’t simply hanging on a nail. She would have needed a chisel to pry it off.

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Canada – New Conservative MP Lewis to fight Liberal plan to axe charity status for anti-abortion pregnancy centres

Stephanie Taylor, The Canadian Press

Thursday, November 25, 2021

OTTAWA -- Leslyn Lewis, in one of her first acts as an MP
on Parliament Hill, says she plans on inviting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to
a pregnancy centre that risks losing its charity status over opposing abortion.

The newly elected Ontario representative revealed her
plans to a recent crowd of demonstrators who gathered in Ottawa to rally
against the Liberal government's promise to remove charity status for
anti-abortion organizations.

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Saskatchewan doctors now compensated for providing abortion pill

By Mickey Djuric  The Canadian Press
Posted October 10, 2021

REGINA – Saskatchewan became the last province in Canada to bring in universal coverage for the abortion pill and two years later the province is finally paying doctors who provide it.

On Oct. 1, the province started offering a billing code for physicians who offer Mifegymiso, which terminates early pregnancy up to nine weeks.

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Why Can Canadian Doctors Still Deny Access To Abortion—And Other Healthcare?

The practice of conscientious objection means doctors can refuse or deflect requests for a variety of services, including abortion—and in many provinces, they're not even obligated to provide a referral.

Tracey Lindeman
Updated July 22, 2021

Chantal had already performed all the mental gymnastics.

About eight years ago, the then-23-year-old woman from southern Alberta had accidentally become pregnant, and weighed her options. She settled on having an abortion, the best choice for her in that moment of her life. She booked an appointment with her doctor, one of only a small handful in her community, to request a referral—a requirement in Alberta then. When the time came to meet, she sat in his office and laid her cards out.

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USask med school ends placement at pregnancy centre after students raise concerns

By Kelly Skjerven  Global News
Posted July 22, 2021

The University of Saskatchewan college of medicine will no longer offer a placement at the Saskatoon Pregnancy Options Centre (SPOC) after a group of students raised concerns almost a year ago.

Pro-choice advocates refer to SPOC as a crisis pregnancy centre — a type of clinic that advocates say are not transparent about their beliefs around abortion and that spread false medical information.

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Fewer Canadian women appear to be travelling to U.S. for abortions during COVID-19

By Amanda Connolly, Global News
Posted May 20, 2021

The number of Canadian women going south of the border to receive medically necessary abortions has dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to data from the Ontario government and a sexual health expert who says her organization has seen a drop.

Over the last five years, dozens of Canadian women primarily from Ontario have been referred each year to doctors and clinics in the United States to receive medically necessary abortions they cannot access at home, which are covered under their provincial health-care plans.

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How COVID-19 Is Making It Harder To Get An Abortion In Canada

How COVID-19 Is Making It Harder To Get An Abortion In Canada

Leah Rumack
Last Updated March 26, 2020

The panicked calls about accessing abortions during the COVID-19 pandemic started coming in to the Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights hotline last week, and they haven’t stopped. “People are worried they won’t be able to get to their appointments, or that they won’t be able to even schedule appointments because they’re in quarantine,” says Frédérique Chabot, director of health promotion for the reproductive rights non-profit. “There’s a lot of anxiety.”

Understandably so. In a country where access to abortion — a legal, medical service — is already hit or miss, the potential closure of clinics and the scaling back of services is another looming barrier. And while Canadians likely won’t ever face a situation like women in Ohio or Texas — where anti-choice politicians are using COVID-19 as a completely transparent ruse to stop or indefinitely “postpone” abortions — there’s a very real concern that reproductive healthcare is going to slip down the priority list as the pandemic deepens and resources are stretched thin. “We can’t treat abortion as if this isn’t as urgent as COVID-19,” says Chabot. “It’s so time-sensitive and has such huge consequences, not like other elective surgeries.”

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