Kenya/UK – Universities are the Latest Battleground For the Anti-Abortion Movement

Sian Norris
11 November 2022

Students and universities have become the latest battleground for the global anti-abortion movement, including in the US and the UK where religious freedom groups support so-called “pro life” students and societies and are quoted in Government reports on free speech.

Having previously focused their energy on faith-based groups, increasingly anti-gender groups are targeting youth communities. In Kenya and countries where access to safe and legal abortion is more contested, anti-abortion groups have been gaining ground among student populations, medical student and President of the Medical Students Association of Kenya Zebedee Nyakwara Motanya tells Byline Times. He believes women have the right to reproductive healthcare and sees first-hand the impact of unsafe abortion in the hospital wards where he trains.


Scotland – SRC forced to affiliate anti-choice group after threat of lawsuit

SRC forced to affiliate anti-choice group after threat of lawsuit

Published 20 March, 2019
Laurie Clarke, Editor

The SRC have no option but to affiliate the anti-choice society Glasgow Students for Life following threats of legal action. The anti-abortion society threatened to sue the SRC for discrimination after they were denied affiliation in December 2018. The SRC have since sought legal advice to defend their decision, but have been advised that as anti-choice beliefs are considered a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, there is no legal basis to fight the lawsuit.

SRC affiliation entitles societies to apply for SRC funding and use SRC promotional materials, but it is not required to allow societies to meet and speak on campus, and the decision not to affiliate GSL did not constitute a ban. The SRC voted against affiliation in an overwhelming majority, 29 council members voting against affiliation and three members abstaining.