Ireland – Clinton lauds ‘grassroots activism’ behind abortion vote

Clinton lauds ‘grassroots activism’ behind abortion vote
Former US presidential candidate calls Russia ‘a danger to democracy’ at Trinity lecture

Fri, Jun 22, 2018
Simon Carswell

At a public lecture in Trinity College, Dublin, Hillary Clinton praised the 'grass roots activism' that helped to repeal the Eighth Amendment. Video: TCD Communications

Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lauded the “grassroots activism” behind last month’s referendum vote to remove the constitutional ban on abortion and an outcome that represented “the voices and views of the Irish people”.


From Ireland to Northern Ireland: campaigns for abortion law

From Ireland to Northern Ireland: campaigns for abortion law

Angel Li
Published: 16 June 2018
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After Ireland successfully overturned its 8th Amendment using grassroots activism, attention turns to Northern Ireland's abortion laws. Angel Li reports from Dublin.

Sitting in a quiet carriage of a train to Gatwick Airport, my thoughts turned to the women taking this same route back to Ireland after travelling to the UK for abortions. I wondered if anyone was on this train for that very purpose. More than 170 000 women have travelled abroad from Ireland seeking abortions since 1980.

Having arrived at Gatwick Airport, I met two volunteers working with the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign who were taking the same flight to Dublin as me.


Ireland Votes to Legalize Abortion. What Comes Next?

Ireland Votes to Legalize Abortion. What Comes Next?
Ireland voted in a landslide to support abortion rights. But making abortion care available will take much more.

May 26, 2018
Sarah Jaffe

To Isolde Carmody, Ireland’s overwhelming vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution was a vote to continue down the road that her great-grand-uncle, Joseph Plunkett, and his contemporaries fought for in 1916, in the first steps toward an independent Irish Republic.

“Joe was definitely a feminist, a revolutionary. He deeply believed in equality and in social justice, and that was why he was involved in the revolution in 1916,” Carmody told Rewire.News. Her great-grandmother and grandmother had fought for women’s health care and access to information on abortion rights. She continued that tradition campaigning for “yes” in Leitrim.


Why Ireland’s emigrants are coming home to fight for safe abortion

Why Ireland's emigrants are coming home to fight for safe abortion

21 May 2018
Ahead of Ireland's historic referendum on abortion, the #hometovote hashtag has unleashed a wave of solidarity and inspired Irish voters from Nairobi to Toronto to return home and campaign for a woman's right to decide.

When the Irish government finally announced there would be a referendum on repealing its near-total ban on abortion, Ause Abdelhaq, a young Irish expat living in Nairobi, Kenya, was thrilled.

No one under the age of 53 has had the chance to vote to make abortion more accessible in Ireland. The significance of what is being billed as a once-in-a-generation opportunity was clearly not lost on young Irish voters like Ause.


Irish abortion referendum: voters on both sides prepare to head home

Irish abortion referendum: voters on both sides prepare to head home
With the referendum on a knife-edge, Irish citizens all over the world will flock home to vote

Lisa O'Carroll and Sinéad Baker
Mon 21 May 2018

From Berlin to Toronto, Maastricht to Los Angeles and London, Irish citizens based all over the world will be flocking home this week to vote in what looks set to be a knife-edge abortion referendum.

Cambridge, Oxford, London and Nottingham universities have opened up bursaries to help students fly to Ireland for the historic poll on Friday, while elsewhere voters have got funding from friends and family to make their voice heard.


‘Why I’m Flying Home To Vote In Ireland’s Abortion Referendum’

'Why I'm Flying Home To Vote In Ireland's Abortion Referendum'
"When a woman gets pregnant in Ireland she becomes a second class citizen - this is not acceptable."

Christine Howell
May 14, 2018

A few years ago, Ireland made headlines for all the wrong reasons. A woman suffering a miscarriage turned up to one of our hospitals. She was denied an abortion and left miscarrying for five days. She later died of blood poisoning.

In our country, it is currently illegal to procure an abortion. The eighth amendment to our constitution sets out “the right to life of the unborn” and guarantees “to defend and vindicate that right.” This prohibits the state from legislating to allow abortion.


Ireland – Why has the Government done nothing to facilitate emigrant voting?

Why has the Government done nothing to facilitate emigrant voting?
Opinion: The few who are eligible must take time off and pay for expensive flights

May 2, 2018
David Burns, Joey Kavanagh

Tens of thousands of recent Irish emigrants could potentially legally vote during the referendum on the Eighth Amendment on Friday, May 25th. But, in an ironic turn of events, our voting system will only accommodate those with the means to travel.

As founders of the We’re Coming Back and Get the Boat to Vote campaigns, we were both involved in organising the #Hometovote movement for the Marriage Equality referendum in 2015. Despite the public outpouring of support, and the welcome back for those who “voted with their feet” as Enda Kenny put it, absolutely nothing has been done since to facilitate an emigrant vote. Why?


Ireland – 150,000 young people not registered to vote

150,000 young people not registered to vote
Vital young people make their voices heard in the debate, Yes campaign meeting told

Tue, May 1, 2018
Pat Leahy

Over 150,000 young people are not on the electoral register and will be ineligible to vote, a campaign meeting for Youth for Yes, an umbrella group for a number of youth organisations advocating for a Yes vote was told yesterday.

Europe minister Helen McEntee urged young people present to make sure they were registered to vote and remind their friends that if they were not registered, they would be unable to vote in the referendum.


Irish emigrants set to flock home for abortion vote

Irish emigrants set to flock home for abortion vote

Padraic Halpin, Toby Melville
April 29, 2018

DUBLIN/LONDON (Reuters) - Christine Howell planned to spend two years straight traveling and working in Australia from her arrival in Melbourne last December without breaking her trip to return home to Ireland.

The timing felt right. Howell, 27, had qualified as an optician but wasn’t ready to settle. Australia represented a chance for adventure before it was “home time and time to be an adult.”


Irish emigrants urged #HomeToVote in abortion referendum

Irish emigrants urged #HomeToVote in abortion referendum
London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign releases video rallying citizens abroad to return for 25 May

Harriet Sherwood
Mon 23 Apr 2018

Irish emigrants are being urged in a new video to travel home to vote in favour of overturning the country’s constitutional ban on abortion in a referendum next month.

The London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign has released the two-minute video, filmed in six countries, to encourage Irish citizens abroad to exercise their right to vote in the historic referendum on 25 May.