When It Comes To Abortion Rights, Canada Can’t Save You

As long as Americans are fighting, again, for their right to choose, they should fight for better than what we have in Canada. Trust me.

Oct. 27, 2022

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested that Americans are welcome to use the Canadian health care system, and the abortions it provides, I scoffed.

Offering the Canadian health care system to American abortion seekers is a nice sentiment from someone whose country decriminalized abortion in 1988, but the reality is that much of Canadian health care is currently in shambles. As a Canadian woman who has covered the issue, and experienced it personally, I know that abortion care in this country is uneven at best.

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Canadian government urged to fast-track promise to tackle anti-abortionists

Trudeau’s party is accused of going silent on vow to strip charity status from groups that ‘deceive’ pregnant people

Annie Burns-Pieper, OpenDemocracy
2 August 2022

The Canadian government has been urged to finally fulfill its promise of ending charitable status for anti-abortion organisations accused of deceiving pregnant people by masquerading as ‘health centres’.

During its 2021 election campaign, the Liberal Party vowed to target groups “that provide dishonest counselling to women about their rights and about the options available to them at all stages of the pregnancy”.

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Canada – Liberals urged to fulfill promise to cease funding to anti-abortion groups

Carly Weeks, Globe & Mail
July 11, 2022

Abortion rights advocacy groups are calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to defend reproductive rights in Canada by denying anti-abortion groups funding and revoking their charity status.

Dozens of crisis pregnancy centres and other anti-abortion groups received federal COVID-19 relief funds and continue to have tax exempt charity status. Mr. Trudeau has been highly critical of crisis pregnancy centres and has promised to revoke their charity status.

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Progressives failed Canadian women on the abortion pill

The struggle to get Canadian women a good non-surgical option for abortion received little attention for years

Jamie Sarkonak,  National Post
Jun 30, 2022 

Before 2017, nearly all Canadian women seeking abortions had to undergo surgery, while women elsewhere could choose medication to induce a miscarriage.

For decades, Canada didn’t have the “gold standard” abortion pill, mifepristone (also known as RU-486, or Mifegymiso). After being used in France for 30 years and the United States for 15, the abortion pill was finally approved in Canada in 2015 under Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, becoming available to the public in 2017. Among progressive politicians, only Thomas Mulcair’s New Democratic Party had pressed the issue. The Liberals did nothing. On the last major front for Canadian abortion rights, progressive politicians were largely silent.

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Canada – The 30-year struggle for abortion access in P.E.I. shows how hard this fight can be

Let us not take for granted our right to access abortion services

Rebecca Viau · for CBC Opinion
Posted: May 17, 2022

I have been on the front line of P.E.I.'s fight for abortion access. I saw firsthand the harm done when access to abortion is limited or restricted.

In 2014, I had stepped forward in the movement and became a beacon of sorts, a public face for people to connect to. Once someone connected with me seeking to access abortion services, I would mobilize the community-organized support network that could help them find the treatment they needed in a timely manner. Because abortion services weren't available on P.E.I. until 2017, anyone seeking an abortion had to travel off-Island for treatment.

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Canada – Overturning Roe v. Wade just the beginning of Trump’s legacy, warns Heyman

Canadian Parliamentarians who have dedicated their careers to fighting for women's rights were left 'terrified' and 'horrified' by the news that Roe v. Wade will most likely be overturned in the U.S., but hope it spurs more action on improving access to abortion in Canada.

MAY 8, 2022

In the wake of what appears to be the undoing of the right to choose to have an abortion in the United States, former American ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman, who served under Democrat president Barack Obama, says he’s worries this is just the beginning.

“I think that if we think it’s just Roe v. Wade, then I think we’re mistaken. I think that there is a fairly significant movement afoot to reorient the court, reorient government, reorient how we behave domestically and internationally. And clearly, I think it’s a continued threat to democracy,” Heyman told The Hill Times in an interview last week.

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Abortion rights group welcomes federal law protecting health facilities from protesters but says it’s “way overdue”

Jan 18, 2022

NATIONAL – The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) welcomes the Jan 17 announcement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that it is now illegal to intimidate healthcare workers and patients, or obstruct them from providing care or seeking treatment at locations where healthcare services are delivered.

Although the new criminal law was triggered by the aggressive actions of anti-vaccine protesters outside health facilities and COVID-19 vaccination sites, the law applies to protesters at any healthcare facility, including those that provide abortion.

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Canada – No, For Real: Is Abortion *Actually* An Election Issue?

Courtney Shea
Sept 17, 2021

If you caught any of the leaders debates, you may have seen Justin Trudeau call out Erin O’Toole for his lack of support for abortion. The Libs, along with numerous reproductive rights organizations, have questioned whether the Conservative Party of Canada leader’s recent “pro-choice” proclamations are legit. On the flip side, critics of the current PM say this particular abortion conversation is a giant nothing burger, and wonder why Trudeau only wants to talk about the right to choose during election cycles. Given everything going on in Texas (where they effectively banned abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy), it’s no wonder that Canadian voters are feeling anxious (and confused) in the lead up to the election.

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How does Texas’ abortion law stack up with the rest of the developed world?

Sep 4, 2021
By Rob Picheta, CNN

Texas' ban on abortion beyond six weeks —
before many women even know they have conceived — has widened the reproductive
health gap between the United States and other leading democracies.

The U.S. Supreme Court formally denied a request from Texas abortion providers
to freeze the new law on Wednesday, even though it violates Roe v. Wade, which
legalized abortion across the U.S. prior to viability, which happens at around
24 weeks of pregnancy.

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As Texas abortion battle rages, Liberals take aim at access issues — a move that’s left New Brunswick advocates confused

By Steve McKinley, Halifax Bureau
Thu., Sept. 2, 2021

When the Liberal Party of Canada released its platform on Wednesday, one paragraph might have seemed particularly pointed to New Brunswickers.

“A re-elected Liberal government will: Establish
regulations under the Canada Health Act governing accessibility for sexual and
reproductive health services so there is no question, that no matter where
someone lives, that they have access to publicly available sexual and
reproductive health services,” reads the Liberal platform.

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